Government Hajj Scholarships Places Sold to Foreigners and the Rich : President Koroma fires 3 officials

*Platinum Media is currently investigating disturbing allegations of bribery involving some government functionaries over this year’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Mecca.*

Our usually reliable sources say some intending pilgrims for this year’s Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca have been denied the opportunity because they cannot pay $ 2,500 to have their names included in the list of government scholarship beneficiaries. What is more disturbing is the revelation that this year’s selection criteria was completely ignored despite repeated warnings from State House.


The Hajj Committee, headed by the Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh and Minister of Mineral Resources, Minkailu Mansaray has been mired in controversy after we also learnt that two individuals given the task to collate the names of beneficiaries have deliberately ignored instructions to have genuine and poor intending Muslim pilgrims benefit from the Hajj Scheme. Sheka Kamara (Shekito), and former Member of Parliament, Nuru Deen Yillah both Special Assistants to the President have been heavily linked to the unfolding scandal. There are unconfirmed reports that both men have been arrested by police.

Platinum Media is also very disturbed by the information that the names of Guinean and Malian nationals were through clandestine means included in the list of beneficiaries at the expense of Sierra Leonean pilgrims.

Our sources also say one Amira, a female staff at State House has been the one collecting bribe payments on behalf of the corrupt ring parading as genuine coordinators of the Hajj programme.

We have been approached by individuals that are willing to provide concrete evidence of how a group of greedy people are bent on tarnishing the reputation of a well appreciated Hajj programme. We are also calling on the Anti Corruption Commission to quickly intervene on what is turning out to be a very shameful episode in government’s quest to provide religious welfare to its citizens.

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