Hindolo Trye receives his APC  membership card from Hon. Ernest Koroma

Sunday June 4, 2006


By Tamba Borbor from Freetown


The former National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) junta Secretary of State, SOS Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Mr. Hindolo Tyre last Friday 2nd June invited participants in the 1977 students’ revolt , including Messrs  Mr. Pius Foray, Mr. Frank Kposowa, Mr. Paul Kamara, Mr. Olu Richie Gordon and other members of the 1977 generation that stared with struggle for democracy to join the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party.

Beaming with a smile while addressing a news conference of the former Marine now, “We Yone” House, the newly registered Mr. Hindolo Tyre said, “I want to extend an invitation to the likes of Olu Gordon, Frank Kposowa, Pius Foray Paul Kamara among others of the 1977 generation to join the APC political bandwagon and lead  the party to victory in the 2007 elections. 

“My presence in the APC signifies that it is political party for Sierra Leoneans,” he declared.

As a strong believer in consistency, Mr. Tyre said, “I believe in the consistency of APC members like Eddie Turay, Dauda Kamara and others.”

Reflecting on the past relationship he experienced with the APC, Mr. Tyre recalled, “When the Fourah Bay College Students’ Union advocated against the APC, the (SLPP) Sierra Leone Peoples Party won fourteen seats. But after all the sacrifices we made in their favour then , SLPP started with a disappointment.”

Mr. Tyre said all those who are presently parading with the serving SLPP government were members o the APC adding that Dr. Sama Banya was once declared unopposed for the APC.

The present SLPP Mr. Hindolo Tyre said is full of  former APC members, e.g  Sahr  Randolph Fillie Faboi,  the Resident Minster East, Special Assistance to His Excellency President Kabbah, Mr. Joseph Bandabla Dauda, Dr. Abass Bundu, Banya, Transport and Communication Minster Dr. Prince Harding, and host of others were APC members

Well prepared and ready to belong to the APC, Mr. Tyre said, “I feel very proud and ready to belong to the APC under the leadership of Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma. I admire his commitment and I have confidence in Mr. Koroma. He said that this was a new APC  different from the old one, which was undemocratic.

He said Ernest Koroma would be qualified as President in 2007 and the APC will be more formidable.

Welcoming onboard the newly registered member was party’s Presidential Candidate and Minority Leader in Parliament Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma who considered Mr. Tyre political choice of belonging the APC as a privilege,  saying, “you are welcome to the APC. , the  APC that is transparent and committed to the democratic process of its country”.

 Hon. Koroma said the coming onboard of Mr. Hindolo Tyre would send a clear signal to the whole country and the International Community that the APC is not a regional party.


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