SLPP elects new executive in Georgia

Sunday June 4, 2006>

At a well attended meeting on sat. 06-03-06 held in Atlanta,Georgia, members of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (S.L.P.P.) Georgia charpter, elected a new executive to superintend the affairs of the party.>

A very distinguished gentleman Dr. Mohamed Bayoh was elected chairman,the position of vice-chairman went to Dr. Lahai Rogers. Mr.Solomon Berewa II and Mr. Edward Arkpan were elected secretary-general and assistant secretary- general respectively . Alpha Saidu Bangura was elected publicity-secretary, the position of organizing and social secretary went to Mr. Amadu Jabbie. >

Mrs. Marie Carew was elected women’s leader and Mrs.Maitta Smith was elected assistant women’s leader. Mr. Ahmed Banya was elected youth leader. The position of treasurer went to Mrs. Yvonne Arkpan. The following people were elected ex-officio members:Mr. Patrick Goba,Mr. Amos Lansana,Mr. Alfred Kamara,Mr. Kahlil Kargbo ang Mr. Martin Berewa. >

In his post election address, the new chairman,Dr. Mohamed Bayoh thanked members for the confidence reposed on him and his executive. He assured members that he will do all in his power and ability to push the SLPP forward .The vice-chairman Dr. Rogers also, thanked members for electing him and called on all members to work together in the interest of the party. >

Sent to COCORIOKO by SLPP stalwart, Alpha Saidu Bangura>

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