Imposition of Zainab Moseray as Western Area NEC Commissioner : Parliamentarians walk out

MPs Walk Out as the President Bastardises Constitution, Imposes an Illegitimate SLPP Puppet

By Abu Shaw in London (30/10/2021)

Sierra Leone President’s cruel intentions to bastardise the 1991 Constitution backfired this week when opposition parliamentarians walked out.

It was war literally in the Sierra Leone Parliament on Thursday, October 28, 2021, when fuming parliamentarians walked out in public protest against the imposition of another SLPP party staunch member to head the National Electoral Commission job in the Western Region. “Enough is enough. We will never accept an illegitimate individual as Chairman of the National Electoral Commission in the Western Area,” angry MPs stressed in the aftermath of President Julius Maada Bio and his SLPP government’s bastardisation of the 1991 Sierra Leone Constitution. The SLPP Speaker of the House Dr Abass Chernor Bundu, another SLPP stooge, was also cursed for violating the Constitution by imposing a candidate who is clearly unfit for the job at NEC. The one tribe Mende hegemony has become the hallmark of President Bio’s failed SLPP government. Opposition parties across the board in Parliament stood firm and opposed the imposition of the SLPP member Zainab Umu Moseray as Western Area Electoral Commission Chair. (Photo: NGC MP Dr Yumkella, 2nd right, speaking, as APC MP leader Chernor Bah, 1st right, the APC Scribe Osman Yansaneh, 2nd left, and NGC Chairman Dr Denis Bright, left, others during the protest on Thursday in Freetown).

On Thursday, history was made to protect democracy in Sierra Leone when members of parliament from 13 political parties including the main opposition APC party, the National Grand Coalition NGC party, the C4C party, and others stormed out of Parliament in protest against the brutalisation of Sierra Leone Constitution by the SLPP government of President Bio. The ruling government has had no respect for the 1991 Constitution since President Bio came to power on April 4, 2018. Zainab Umu Moseray is a diehard SLPP party official and everyone remembers the criminal role she played as Deputy Registrar at the Political Parties Registration Commission PPRC in favour of her beloved SLPP party. While at the PPRC, Zainab Moseray was pivotal in machinating documents that eventually led to the election of her boyfriend President Bio as the flagbearer for the SLPP party during the 2018 presidential and general elections. Today, Sierra Leoneans are crying in every nook and cranny for the suffering ushered in by President Bio’s failed regime. And people will never forget the dubious role that Zainab Moseray played to bring in such a corrupt leader in the person of President Bio. “We will not forgive anyone including Zainab Moseray who orchestrated the resurgence of this criminal leader called Maada Bio,” an eyewitness at the Freetown protest told the Organiser newspaper.×345&!8&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=i3ZwjXoqVZ&p=https%3A//

Reports say as compensation for what Umu Moseray did for Maada Bio at PPRC, President Bio and his corrupt SLPP cohorts in Parliament including Speaker Abass Bundu were very insistent this week for Parliament to approve Zainab Moseray as Chief Electoral Commissioner for Western Area at all costs. It was a clear indication of President Bio trying to say ‘Thank You’ to Zainab Moseray for all the dirty politics she had done to prop him up. Umu Moseray was ridiculously approved by skeleton MPs despite the massive walk-out of opposition MPs that left the House Parliament almost like a ghost town. Outside of Parliament, the SLPP government received the shock of their lives when the opposition parties said NO. And as a clear sign of rejection of the SLPP puppet Zainab Moseray, the MPs from the APC party led by parliamentary leader Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah, the NGC parliamentary leader Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, the C4C leader Sahr Charles, and others walked out in protest to inform the world that ‘Enough of the Bastardisation of the 1991 Constitution’. (Photos: MPs blast President Bio for violating the Constitution for selfish gains. The empty Parliament on Thursday).

Political observers believe the likes of Zainab Moseray is capable to do anything to help Maada Bio stay in power. As the illegitimate Electoral Commissioner Western Area, Zainab Moseary would definitely rig the 2022 and 2023 local and presidential elections in the SLPP party’s favour and that is why the 13 political parties the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties COPPP, are adamant that Umu Moseray would not be recognised to oversee any elections in the Western Area. “It is as simple as that,” COPPP has indicated. MPs have boldly decided to stand firm to kick out Zainab Moseray because such individuals will never protect democracy in Sierra Leone. The National Electoral Commission NEC, mandated by law to supervise and monitor elections in Sierra Leone, has been infested with people who came from one tribe i.e. the Mendes where President Bio originates from. About 98 per cent of all the Electoral Chairmen and Chairladies in the National Election Commission NEC nationwide are from the same Mende tribe, a situation that has inflamed serious debates as to the one-sidedness and tribally-based NEC that has the propensity to cause civil war in the future. What is happening in Sierra Leone today, the rife-tribalism and nepotism are likened to what occurred in Rwanda where tribal sentiments fuelled the flame of the uprising that claimed the lives of over 850,000 people. President Bio has laid the foundation for imminent chaos thanks to his forceful political policy dubbed in Sierra Leone as ‘Paopa’ in the local parlance.

The ridiculous approval of the diehard SLPP official Zainab Moseray as the Western Area Electoral Commissioner by SLPP MPs is the latest one-tribe hegemony being forced on the people of Sierra Leone by President Bio. President Bio does not care if his move has violated the 1991 Constitution as long as his stooge Zainab Moseray is approved in parliament. Prior to the MPs walk-out in parliament on Thursday, President Bio did not hold any consultations with any of the 13 political party leaders in parliament as mandated by the 1991 Constitution before he appointed Zainab Moseary. This was wrong because it contravenes the Sierra Leone Constitution.

Only three out of the 17 political parties were consulted by President Bio before the appointment of Umu Mosesray. President Bio, in his usual forceful ‘Paopa’ policy, decided to ignore the major political parties namely the APC, the NGC, C4C, etc in the Umu Moseray appointment.  On Thursday, the parliamentarians made themselves useful by standing up to dictatorship, autocracy, totalitarianism, and despotic governance as often exhibited by President Bio since 2018. President Bio had bulldozed law and order so much that his SLPP government has finally decimated democracy in the country. That is why the people of Sierra Leone were proud of what their parliamentarians did this week. “We hope the MPs would stop this madness by the SLPP government, and make sure real democracy prevails in the country,” a petty trader in Freetown said.×345&!9&btvi=6&fsb=1&xpc=PRbym4sMXq&p=https%3A//

It is no hidden secret how parliament has been bullied for so long by President Bio. The first molestation the MPs faced was when President Bio ordered his SLPP police to invade the House of Parliament in 2018 and forcefully remove 10 elected APC MPs from parliament, beat them up, and then replace them with his own SLPP MPs – MPs who were not even elected by the voters. Then, President Bio imposed the current Speaker Dr Abass Bundu despite stiff opposition. Worryingly, the SLPP Judiciary, led by the corrupt SLPP Chief Justice Babatunde Edwards delayed the appeal cases submitted in court by the APC until everything died down without any justice meted out. President Bio’s bully tactics had succeeded in every facet of society. Today, after nearly four years of failed administration with citizens suffering everywhere, President Bio is at it again to impose his girlfriend to lead the NEC in the Western Area, a stronghold of the APC party. (Photos: Zainab Umu Moseray ridiculously approved by skeleton MPs. President Bio satisfying his girlfriend Umu).

Presently, the SLPP government knows that they have failed the nation and that they have nothing tangible to show the people of Sierra Leone that their five years stay in power has born fruits. Nothing whatsoever, no development to show to the citizens, zilch to convince the people that President Bio and his rotten regime deserve another five years in 2023. That is why the SLPP government has from the outset embarked on a very dangerous path to stay in power at all costs. Another Idi Amin, Yahya Jammeh political policies being adopted by President Bio! Rigging the 2023 general and presidential elections is their integral aim and target at the moment and they have planned to execute this dangerous route by having their own tribe i.e. the Mendes to head all the NEC offices around the country.

Early in President Bio’s reign, the SLPP government started strategising how to rig the 2023 elections. They recruited 13 students, all from the Mende dialect, and whisked them off to Israel to study electoral courses. Today, all of them have returned home and have been placed in all the NEC offices waiting patiently to execute what they have learned in Israel. The Organiser newspaper has been monitoring these Mende students in Israel since the beginning of their studies in late 2018. President Bio and his SLPP government made sure their return home was kept quiet without the knowledge of most Sierra Leoneans. But the Organiser newspaper has been following this treacherous politicking ever since. Keen observers believe President Bio has put everything in place to steal the 2023 elections, a mistake that would definitely backfire as citizens would never allow the government to steal their votes.  This is why Umu Zainab Moseray contravenes the Constitution. Her husband, a Mende man, is an SLPP member. He is presently vying for a top position in the SLPP government. Umu has been an SLPP Young Generation Leader before. SLPP supporters were seen dancing joyfully in parliament for Umu’s ridiculous approval on Thursday. That explains it all. 

NGC Press Statement to Oppose Zainab Moseray as NEC Western Area Chairman

The National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) opposes the appointment of Mrs Zainab Morseray as NEC Commissioner for the Western Region and therefore will not be endorsing her in Parliament. Our objection to her appointment is due principally to her very controversial and unsatisfactory track record in her previous employment as Acting Registrar at the PPRC. We know that our position on this matter is identical with several other political parties and we believe that Government is forcing Mrs Morseray into the NEC because she will be inclined to protect their interest in the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2023. Serious allegations have been made against her that are still to be cleared at the Anti Corruption Commission. Her presence at the NEC will be yet another major reduction of trust and confidence in the current setup at NEC and damage our hopes of having credible elections in 2022 and 2023. It was signed by Dr Dennis Bright, Chairman, and Leader, NGC.

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