2 fought and killed themselves over a Woman in Lokomasama

By Hassan Bruz
Northern Bureau Chief

The perception that there are more women than men in Sierra Leone or the adage that ‘the beautiful ones are not yet born’ needs to be spread particularly to the bulk of our brothers in the countryside, if a recurrence of this unbelievable event is to be averted. Indeed it was Lokomasama- one of the most populated chiefdoms in the country this unfortunate incident occurred. But the 2 men ended up dying at the Government Hospital in Lungi barely 24 hours after their fight.


The fight emanated from one N’mah Bangura who is a native of Mambolo in the Kambia District. She was the wife of Thaimu Kamara with whom she was residing at Ro- Yale kappa- Naise which is situated in the Lokomasama Chiefdom, Port Loko District.


In the morning of that fatal day, N’mah prevailed on her husband to allow her attend a wedding ceremony at Mabolo. Thaimu agreed on the condition that she returns the same day after the ceremony. It was during her return trip that N’mah met with Kalilu Kamara –man suspected to be her boyfriend at Romaneh village. They then decided to jointly travel to Ro Yale- Kapa Naise. But it seems as if the husband –Thaimu Kamara was aware of what was going on. He picked up his cutlass that evening and decided to take a walk along the path which the two lovers were using. He heard their voices from a distance and decided to ambush them. But the woman was fortunate to have spotted her husband just before Thaimu dashed into the bush. N’mah knew there was trouble ahead and therefore advised her lover for them to run away.


Kalilu Kamara was also having a cutlass on his hands, could not see the need for them to run. They then continued trekking down the road until they arrived at the spot where the husband laid was waiting in ambush. Thaimu came out and confronted Kalilu. An argument ensued that turned out to be the last fight in their lives. N’mah tried to separate the two men when the fight started. But she was hit with the cutlass and injured on her left hand which made her fled the scene and returned to Mambolo.


The two men continued the fierce battle, inflecting serious wounds on themselves with no one to separate them. Kalilu –the Boyfriend fled and managed to surface at the Lokomasama Police Station where he made a report against Thaimu. He was issued with a Police Medical request form for examination and treatment at the Government Hospital in Lungi where he died a few hours later. The following morning, a Team of Police Officers went in search of Thaimu in connection with the report Kalilu [now deceased] made against him. He was found in the bush with very serious cutlass wounds all over his body and was again brought to the Lungi Government Hospital where he died shortly afterwards.


According to the Crime Officer at the Lungi Police Station-Detective Inspector Foday Kallon, both men were examined by Dr. Faustine James who said they died of extensive lacerated wounds on the heads and other parts of their bodies. The Crime Officer said their remains have since been handed over to their relatives for burial while, N’mah Bangura was placed in protective custody.

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