Is The SLPP Planning To Unleash Terror And Mayhem In Sa.Leone After The Election Result ?


FOR OVER  four years , this newspaper–Sierra Leone’s biggest and most widely read newspaper online– and many other  online and print media  have been warning our nation that the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP)  were flashing signals that if they lose the 2012 elections they will attempt to unleash chaos and mayhem in the country to provoke international intervention intended to arm -twist  us into a power-sharing arrangement as it happened in Kenya.


Our apprehension was based on classified information we have been receiving from competent sources and also from the seditious utterances of SLPP  supporters in online forums. We stopped sounding these warnings  as the elections drew nearer so it will not appear that we were fanning hysteria and fear in the nation.  Everybody however know the SLPP’s intentions, but they too said less about it. But since  the elections were held last Saturday, many things have happened to give credence to our warnings and to force us to warn our nation again.

Since yesterday, the Publisher of Awareness Times, Dr. Sylvia Blyden, has been laying hands on e-mails she said were fished out of the Leonenet-TAMU Listserve. These e-mails expose plans by the SLPP  to plunge the country into chaos soon. Today, in her newspaper, Awareness Times, Dr. Blyden came out with an article on these dangerous e-mail exchanges, entitled Sierra Leone Opposition Operatives Plotting for Post-Elections Violence using Texas University Computers . This evening , Sylvia Blyden has exposed yet another leaked e-mail that  was also promoting and propagating the same terroristic threats and inclination against the government and people of Sierra Leone.

We are going to reproduce these leaked e-mails in our newspaper because we care for the security of our nation. We believe that if ill-disposed persons succeed in igniting chaos in Sierra Leone, it is the innocent who will suffer most as it happens in most conflicts around the world and as we saw during our 11-year civil war.

Secondly, we who live in the U.S.  have been re-oriented not to take any security threat lightly, however foolish it may sound. The FBI and Home Security warn us constantly that it is better to alert Police and relevant authorities and look foolish when the alert is found to be foolish than to sit down supinely and play down security threats to one’s and the nation’s own detriment. American Police no longer prosecute anyone who calls 911 with a mistaken belief that his/ her life was in danger. It is better to be wrong and remain safe than be lax with security and pay a dire price later. We hope members of the diplomatic corps and the international community will understand that we are sounding this alarm because we do not want to see any more chaos or war in Sierra Leone. We are joining Awareness Times to expose these plots so that the appropriate authorities would take strong action designed to stave off bedlam after the elections results would have been announced.

On Monday, a concerned citizen in Freetown tipped off the Cocorioko Publisher that the SLPP Presidential candidate, Maada Bio, had just left Freetown with a large crowd of supporters headed for Bo. He feared that Maada might be going there to stir chaos. It did not take two hours before FACEBOOK  went viral with information that there was unrest in Bo and the Coker Compound was on fire. Maada is up to something.

We think that these e-mails  being exposed are very incriminating and if the SLPP  care for their reputation and credibility , the party’s top brass should come out with a stout statement denouncing these e-mails, dissociating themselves from them  and their writers. Because  of the perception people now have about the party , the SLPP  should also renounce violence and pledge to keep the peace if they lose.

The SLPP  will need the Sierra Leonean people again for future elections. They cannot afford to be stigmatized as a party that does not accept defeat .Worse still, the SLPP  does not want to be perceived as a violent and terrorist organization. If this happens, they will lose the support of the populace and the goodwill of the international community.

As for the authorities, we know that they do not have to be told what to do. They have done it already. We learn that troops have already been dispatched to Bo, Kenema, Kono and Kailahun to maintain law and order. They must be ready to arrest anyone who takes the law into his/her hands after the elections results are announced.  All the organizations who came into the country to monitor the elections have all praised the elections for being free , transparent and fair. Even local monitoring organizations did the same. Why should the SLPP  therefore refuse to accept the results if they are beaten ?  Nothing but pride, vainglory, ego, power-consciousness , selfishness and depravity . Their operatives must not be allowed to destroy our peace. We are tired of chaos in Sierra Leone.Therefore, the Police and the army must be ready to crush any revolt when the election results are announced. We are not idle. We want to move on.


They want Sierra Leone to emulate Kenya elections violence!!!! ANOTHER BOMBSHELL EMAIL LEAKS…! This time from the SLPP’s North America branch secret discussion listserv of SLPP operated by P.K. Muana within computers of the Texas A & M University (TAMU). My fellow citizens, what should we call a political party which has members who see nothing wrong in proposing for Sierra Leone to emulate the post-elections violence of Kenya which saw hundreds of Kenyan citizens slaughtered to death in order to force a power-sharing arrangement? Please read the email exchanges below and take note that NOBODY within the SLPP has strongly chastised the suggestion of Edie Nyaley.
So, now the BBI, the SLPP-UK and the SLPP-NA are all giving us indisputable evidence to be tendered at the International Court at THE HAGUE against the likes of Maada Bio, Kadie Sesay, John Benjamin, Sulaiman Banja Tejansie, Musa Tamba Sam, I.J. Kabbah and many others; should anything happen to our people in the form of POST-ELECTIONS VIOLENCE.
Please help to once again forward and re-forward this other email to all the various Sierra Leone discussions groups so as many Sierra Leoneans as possible can be on the alert about what the SLPP operatives might wish to see happen.
The secret leaked emails follow. They speak for themselves! Our people really, really suffered for many years and anyone without a conscience who wants our people to continue to suffer from war and violence, will be exposed by the Hand of God. This is why God is allowing me to get access to all your well kept secret emails so I can spread them around the world. Amen!

From: Edie Nyaley <nyaleye@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 17:19:04
Subject: Re: Why SLPP lost to APC in Kono
Nat, this is Commissioner Edie Nyaley. I am trying to reach Maada, John and others. Please send me your cell number. Text it or flash me on 267-584 -3630 and I will call to talk to you. I personally, I do not want Maada to concede. With all the electoral anomalies it is enough justification to indicate that the electoral commission is working in concert with the perpetrators of the frauds taking place.
I have in the past said that the party should be gearing up itself for the worst which is APC’s best. The Kenyan model is a good one to emulate. Please flash me and I will call right back.
Edie Nyaley



From: Nat <dawonde@GMAIL.COM>
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2012 10:47 AM
Subject: Why SLPP lost to APC in Kono
First of all I will like to congratulate my opponent Dr. Dabundeh on his win as the next MP from Kono, Constituency 20. Going to the polls, we were very confident that we would win but the magic of money in elections turned the tides against us. What happened to our party in Kono could have been avoided if the folks at the EMC (SLPP’s Elections Management Committee) and the strategic planning committees treated Kono as a swing district and a primary target by H.E., the VP and the First Lady that she is.
We will have plenty time to do critical analysis on the elections results but remember, if we must go into a run off; Kono must be the party’s “golden egg”.
As it stands, we are poised to win the district council and 3 to 4 parliamentary seats.
I will like to thank all my friends that believed in our course and gave their unconditional support. We lost an election but we have not lost a dream. God bless.
Nat Dawonde



Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 08:22:14 -0800
From: stejansie@YAHOO.COM
Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please find attached above our Party’s latest Press Statement on elections malpractices in the just concluded national elections in Sierra Leone, for your information and wider dissemination.

Thanks for your usual cooperation and understanding.
Warm regards.

Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie
National Secretary-General


From: Margai Marcus Margai
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 1:59 AM
Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone

My concern is, we have complain a lot, who are we complaining to? NEC and the security officials have all connived with APC to disenfranchise our people, rigged the elections and forced us into becoming mere spectators and voiceless class of complainers in our own country. We have failed to act like a true and natural citizens of Sierra Leone, we are acting like mere strangers or second class citizens of Sierra Leone. We are not acting out of fear, but we are sending miss signals to the people of Sierra Leone and the criminal APC party. I am not advocating for violence here, but if that’s the only message APC can understand, then why can’t we man up in defense of our natural and constitutional rights?. If we lost this legitimate battle so worth fighting for, APC will turn Sierra Leone into another one party state and they will be in power for half a century, until another revolution comes into play. Take Ivory Coast case as an example, if they had relied only on diplomatic resolution and mere complaints, the opposition would have lost that battle. That been said, I am so disappointed in the Sierra Leonean people,(the suffering masses, people that we have been fighting for, people that we have sacrificed for, people that we thought deserved a better life, people whose children are on street corners fighting each other for dirty edibles, the non school goers). This elections teaches us a lesson and maybe unearthed the principal reason why Sierra Leone continue to be amongst the least underdeveloped country in the world. Tribalism, shortsightedness and immediate cheap benefits have taken the center stage. We have a long way to go.

Marcus Margai


From: Dr. Moiwo Juana Paul
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 3:39 PM
Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone

It’s no more time to be shy of this thing about using violent means to achieve our goals. We must now be circulating violent strategies and get the people make up their minds for such. If for any reason we do not use it and we are still able to get our victory, then fine for all!

Dr. Moiwo J. Paul (Hydrologist)
Institute of Geographical Sciences & Natural Resources Research (IGSNR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 11 Datun Road, Beijing, P. R. China. Tel: +86-15210427088.


FROM: Patrick Robin
SENT: Monday, 19 November 2012, 23:57
Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone

Right on point with that. We need to act now !!!!

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