Kabs-kanu on President Kabbah (Cocorioko Forum) – A Rejoinder
By Joseph S. Sherman, Washington, DC
Mr. Kanji Daramy, I must applaud you for being a dying minute surrogate supporter of President Kabbah, I hope when the time comes for accountability for the abuse, murders and mortgaging Sierra Leone’s sovereignty (Yenga) in Guinea, you will be ready to face the truth in a competent court of justice.
First of all, you are totally wrong in equating Sierra Leone’s civil war to that of Somalia.  Sierra Leone war was financed and fueled by the SLPP government unlike Somalia, which catastrophe is due to ideological and clan interest sectarianism.  The weakness of President Kabbah after he cowardly ran away and left the mercy of Sierra Leoneans to marauding rebels and disgruntled soldiers depicts the type of leadership he maintained to his disgraceful end as unaccomplished president in the history of Sierra Leone.
Being a president who wants power at all cost, he employed mercenaries and Nigerian soldiers to massacre our people just to be restored to power.  Indeed, he became president after all the atrocities perpetuated against our people, then he introduced witch hunting against perceived enemies-lynching, burning alive those perceived as rebels collaborators, and summary execution of soldiers without due process of law even after Britain and the international community ask for restrain.  As a coward and being uneasy with those around him (Dr. Demby, and the late Hinga Norman) who sacrificed their lives against the rebels and the AFRC, he used the politics of extermination by dismissing Dr. Demby and betraying the late Hinga Norman whom he sponsored and financed to be restored to power.  What an ingrate!!
Mr. Daramy, do you think Sierra Leoneans are fools for ever? A day of reckoning awaits every one of you.  Your SLPP government has made Sierra Leone the most insignificant country in the world.  President Kabbah is leaving gracefully but he has no hiding place.  Charles Taylor is in the Hague, because of financing the RUF to kill and dehumanize our people, Hinga Norman whom President Kabbah financed and betrayed to restore him to power, died in jail without him (Kabbah) retrospecting the  evil he has done against him. Look at V.P. Berewah, an opportunist who was with President Kabbah when he cowardly ran away to Guinea.  When the late President Joseph S. Momo was ousted, did he employ mercenaries to restore him back to power?
Since President Kabbah believes in sycophancy, he immediately appointed Mr. Berewah as V.P. after achieving his goals of being restored to power with the blood of our people spilled in the city, towns and villages.  Still not satisfied, President Kabbah wants his legacy of evil, betrayal and corruption to continue-he appointed Dr. Christiana Thorpe as Election Commissioner who was with him Guinea so that V.P. Berewah will win the elections.  There are countless scenarios that await President Kabbah and his SLPP supporters to account for when the time comes.
Furthermore, Mr. Daramy it is a shame to say that Sierra Leone didn’t receive maximum support from the international community-the blood of British soldiers and million of dollars given to the SLPP government by the international community for reconstruction has been pocketed by President Kabbah and his cabinet.  International monitors have even stigmatized Sierra Leone as the most corrupt country in the world.
Is President Kabbah not ashamed of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf our next door neighbor of the tremendous efforts and improvements she is doing in Liberia?  Did America ever send soldiers in that country as Britain did in Sierra Leone?  Please don’t even talk about Sierra Leone not having physical and moral support from the international community; it is an act of ingratitude just as your boss (Kabbah) is known for. Kanji, remember President Kabbah and all his cohorts have no hiding place- President Pinochet, was prosecuted, Charles Taylor is in The Hague so it will be no surprise for President Kabbah to account for the act of murder and human rights abuse he, Berewah, and his collaborators committed against the people of Sierra Leone.

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