By Bishop Boyabei

Monday June 1, 2006

Most people in the sub-region never knew the dimention of the war (Taylor’s Version) in the sub-region. There was such  heightened aspirations and gross multi-faceted conspiracies on the war that only God could stop it.

As a human being yet one that is spiritually inclined and drawing from a lot of regional connections,the war was unimaginably diabolic in every sense of the word. Taylor was not just another fellow coming on the scene of history. Taylor was an agent of satan, recruited to tie in some ungodly covenants that will affect the people of SIERRABERIA and the rest of the sub-region.

The spilling of innocent blood, the secret societies,the drinking of blood/bathing with blood were all dynamics associated with Taylor’s war. Many fighters in SIERRABERIA(Sierra Leone and Liberia were indulged into ungodly covenants(always having to do with the shedding of blood),for empowerment to process the war. These men and women of war consciously entered the war theatre not because of the soundness of war-ideologies(which never was),but because of satanic manupulations. At the top of all this NDAKPANA was a  Senior Board member,and related to several CHAIRMEN and Directors. If and only if Taylor is willing to talk he will bring out many dark-secrets that will astaund the entire world. Knowing Charles Taylor, he is mischievious to talk everything out being aware that his end has come. It is a sad conclusion of the WAR THEATRE so well stage-managed by Challie Boy(fondly called by us—KULA HORMUI).

To be Direct, the war in SIERRABERIA did not end until recently and at Taylor’s arrest. Sometimes I shudder at the ignorance of our people in concluding matters of grave importance. PRESIDENT Tejan Kabba did not end the war by his declaration that the “the war has ended”! No. Infact that aggravated TAYLOR and his bunch of Killers. They always had a view of the Sierra Leonean President,one of certain mockery. Kabba was too holy and still is, to fight a war so deep and wide, imposed on the sub-region for obvious hidden interests. I will not hesitate to say(with respect)

OUR President,  did not end the war in Sierra Leone. The President and a awful lot of others will be surprised to comprehend the dark and fearful revelations that encompass the WAR.  As a matter of fact His Excellency was naive about the war as he became a subject of manipulations by many people/Taylor’s frequent Telephone calls and Shaka Mansaray’s miscalculations as Adviser to the President. Any way, life has to go on for the rest of us. Amen!

If you please, there are stake- holders to FREEDOM who contributed to ending Taylor’s campaign of violence against humanity. Even Satan can be stopped. But these Stake-holders to FREEDOM remain unsong and uncelebrated,  may be some day in history their contributions will be appreciated and unveiled.



People get so used to the secular world ,that they forget their make up, even as God made us in His own image and likeness. We are first ,a spirit being that has a soul ,and live in a body.Man is more a spirit-being than a natural/physical being.

We are limited by this consciousness because of the BODY-VEHICLE that transports us around the world.The body limits us to a large extent. Many people have adventure the discovery of this HIDEN-MAN and his potentials in us without the rightful Source, even our Creator ,Almighty God.

Taylor and others in that category,explored the native source of power Satan(Evil Power in the universe). Taylor and all evil doers are on his(satan’s)staff list. The war in Liberia had a spiritual tie to Sierra Leone, being legally granted the right to jump-over into Sierra Leone by individuals who legally submitted the Country to Satan’s agenda.  General Joshua(Burt Naked) now an Evangelist told me some revealing things. He was in the UNDERWORLD for Eleven years and in the domain of Satan for that long. He told me they use to be in conference with satan,and it was in that situation that satan requested his Seekers to give life or spill blood for power. They consented and the number of innocent lives was rising by the day. At this point the war came. They keyed into the war which was an easier enterprise to get ‘raw’ fresh blood to appease the devil satan in exchange for his power. This willingness to give blood/life to satan was paying too high a price that General Joshua and others decided to let the war spill over to sierra Leone (which has spiritual and people’s tie, became a tie. Taylor was not part of this arrangement in the beginning but he later got into it because he iwanted crazy power to agenda the war. He must be the invinsible man of the sub-region.He became NDAKPANA (another flank of satanic empowerment just to fight all of us).

Please feel free to call me and ask all your questions and more…732 917 4575. I do not wish to confuse anybody,but the best thing that has happened to the Special court is the arrest of MR. Charles Taylor, which is absolutely good for all of us. The Taylor boys cannot dare any attempt at freeing their Master. They are caught up (some are) with much wealth they received personally from Taylor in the last phase of the war, that they cannot afford to cause trouble at the expense of their “good times.”  Taylor will be tried in Freetown some of the time ,but let the final phase be in the HAGUE,and subsequently jailed in EUROPE.  THE WAR HAS JUST ENDED IN SIERRA LEONE AND THE SUB-REGION.    Let God receive all the PRAISE  for ending the war!


Long Live The PEOPLE of the Sub-region,

Long LIVE SierraBeria(Sierra Leone/Liberia).











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