Legal luminary Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff afraid that Sierra Leone moving fast from a Police State to something much worse

Legal Luminary Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff , in a social media post, has expressed fears that Sierra Leone is moving fast  from a Police State to something much worse.


You know what I think?

I think this latest social media storm in the FGM pee pot is a very deliberate attempt to divert attention from the Sierra Leone Police’s serious escalation of its ongoing & systematic undermining of citizens constitutionally protected human rights to freedom of assembly and movement and demonstrated by them preventing Sam Sumana attending a football match or visiting Port Loko town because the Police had allegedly not been pre-informed.

Baby Gyal en Salone Borboh dem, Forget interviews and counter interviews on BBC and YouTube by various apparently delusional persons with very high opinions of themselves but zero influence or weight on Government action and focus on the looming danger. Focus on the fact that the Sierra Leone Police spokesman confidently announced his institution’s position to the effect that WE the people ( excepting only the police themselves and their political masters of the moment ) all now need their( Police) permission to do anything ( including tear gas free breathing) ; Focus on the enormity of that bold and crazy assertion and the demonstrated fact that THEY ( the Police and the those they answer to) have the means AND the will to enforce that totalitarian contary-to- the- 1991- Constitution view.

Focus also on the less well known fact that while Sam Sumana was being chased around the Northwest region on Sunday by truckloads of anti riot operatives no police officers went to Malegohun Chiefdom, Kenema district to inquire after the welfare, safety and Right to Education of the 10 girl children whom their parents & town chief reported had been taken out of school exams without their parents knowledge & consent and grievously assaulted by assailants who are well known Soweis in the community.

Our Human Rights to move about freely , to congregate with others for a lawful purpose , to join or not to join any group or society are under attack and it seems that most of us are allowing ourselves to be diverted by the intellectual equivalent of Women’s Mud Wrestling. The Malegohun 10 (unprotected and unreported) are the reality of FGM in Sierra Leone and not, with all due respect, Mrs Maada Bio, tying herself in knots in BBC interviews. Dr Sia Fuambai from the safety of the US issued a press statement a few weeks ago saying that girld child circumcision is not unlawful in Sierra Leone. Neither the Gender ministry nor the Attorney General’s office said a word nor did they take action to correct her. Now 10 girls and their families are living the terrible consequences of Soweis emboldened by that blatant & deliberate lie; and Fuambai instead of being investigated for inciting Kidnapping and causing Grievous Bodily Harm is being given cover and more publicity by our First Lady and still no one with power & authority is doing anything.

I am very afraid that we are moving fast from a police state to something much worse and someone is trying to distract us and we, a 58 year old nation, are falling for it. How sick and sad is that? Very Sick and Sad indeed, I think.

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