Name and shame tribalists Kelfala Kallon and John Mannah


Education, when used improperly will have detrimental consequences on the very fabrics should serve as a socio-economic and political yardstick for measuring our country’s achievements as a nation.



The demeanor some of our so called academics replicates the very lowlife destructive approach that has been adopted by stone throwing hoodlums in the dark alleys of our nation’s capital.

This no-win attitude of dealing with the nation’s problems requires urgent national and worldwide condemnation.

Mediaeval policies of such disposition paint a gloomy picture of the homeland, especially when those stirring the brouhaha are could have chosen to be role models some of our young men and women could look up to.

The concepts of utility make it our duty to do what constitutes the greatest good for mankind and society. As educated members of the various communities we represent, utility makes it our duty to use whatever knowledge we have been blessed with in the interest of universal good. More precisely, it is it is an ethical concept colored with the ideas that burden us with the duty of doing what is right.

Alas, the reality the past mirrors sub-standards the trends of which reflect the opposite side of the moral values expected of our highly educated men and women.

“The intellectual advancement of man depends on how often he can exchange an old superstition for a new truth”, says Robert Ingersoll. If as intellectuals we cannot assimilate or incorporate our ideas into an existing framework without destroying then our internal representation of the reality is a fluke.

The fact that many of those in today’s political sheep clothing are the very wolves that aided and abated in bringing the nation to its knees makes convince that we as a nation do not have much in terms of values.

Our good old poda-poda thinking has been substituted by capu-capu type wheel and deal greed that took us down the slippery slopes of Massaqoui styled chap-chapism.

Now that we stand at the crossroads of the nation’s political highway, it is time we take at look into the rearview mirror, learn from the mistakes of the dreadful tempest sank our country down the depths of the abysmal ocean of failed states.

As recovery efforts commence to raise the homeland from the pits of self inflicted destruction, new challenges should be addressed with the keys of common sense and reason. Only by doing so can we prevent past mistakes from repeating themselves.

As an ingredient of our Freetonian melting pot, rather than polluting our political daylight with the murkiness of tribal thinking, one would expect someone like John Mannah who was opportune to spend most of his lifetime amidst the multi-ethnic settings of our nation’s capital to preach integration and spread the light of the cosmopolitan flame in his tribal caves.

Doing so would have perhaps help him give his fellow tribal caves men a sense of what it feels to be an integral part of our multi-ethnical culture.

“Tell truth and shame the devil,” says Shakespeare and although this may not discourage followers from down the tribal cave of disparaged thinking, neo-tribocrats should be shamed for the ugly ideology they preach.

Rene Descartes: ‘I think therefore I am,’ says Descartes, and if armed with PhD’s people continue to think like monkeys then one wonders why they choose not to living in cages.

The Kelfalla Kallons and John Mannahs should be named and shamed for fanning flames of tribal divide, the Sylvia Blydens for cameleon style Ninja games, and the Baba Contehs – Johnny Paul’s political goalkeeper and the AFRC mouthpiece for the corrupt individual and junta collaborator he is. See:

If history were something some of our so called intellectuals could learn from, then they would avoid advocating policies that would jeopardize social progress and take us back to another the decade horibills of mayhem and tyranny.

We should learn from the ugly lessons of Ekutayisms and not allow tribocracy to ever rear its ugly head in the politics of our country.

Shame on you John Mannah! Shame on you Kelfalla Kallon!


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