NASSIT apprehends fraudsters


Some unscrupulous members of the public have established cartels to defraud NASSIT and rightful beneficiaries of the schrme benefit of their entitlement.

These indivduals and or syndicates mostly family members, friends, neighbours and or colleagues of deceased members or retiree falsify documents of and or impersonate their deceased or retired colleagues or family members to claim benefits from NASSIT that they are not entitled to.

What suprises NASSIT most is the fact that most of these criminals produce false state documents such as birth certificate, death certificates, affidavits and or marriage certificates to commit their dubious act.

Are there state institutions part of the syndicate or they are not just thorough in carrying out there responsibilities.

In less than three weeks, three attempted fraud stars were identified by the vigilant staff of the benefit Division of NASSIT and are in various police costody.

A case in point is
One Hassan Kargbo of Devil hole Freetown who filed a benefit application for late Abu Bahai Kargbo a former teacher of Islamic Secondary school. Magbema Kambia District. The late Bahai Kargbo was in receipt of retirement pension until his death.

His eldest son, Hassan Kargbo ( the picture below) carted away all his NASSIT documents of the deceased.

Hassan hired his neighbour to impersonate his junior brother, Sorie Kargbo to report the death of their father to NASSIT and falsified the birth certificate to cement his criminal enterprise.


During the benefit investigation, Hassan told the benefit officer that his step mother, Haja Dankay Kargbo has died since 2006 about six years before the retirement and ten years before the subsequent death of the father. He provided a death certificate presumably registered at birth and death to verify his claim.

Unfortunately for Hassan , the deceased had listed the spouse as his beneficiaries. How could an educated man list a dead woman as beneficiary.

This prompted further investigations by officials of the Trust benefit Division which brought to the light the criminal enterprise schemed by Hassan Kargbo to deprive his brother and step mother of their entitlement.

Addressing journalists and officials of the criminal investigation Department, the Director General NASSIT , Mohamed Fuaad Daboh expressed his frustration over the continued attempt by individuals to defraud the rightful beneficiaries of their entitlement.

He said the matter at hand is one out of series of attempts by these cartels to defraud NASSIT. He informed the gathering that there is an ongoing matter at the Magistrate court in Bo involving similar criminality.
He lauded the vigilance of of his staff to wed out such criminality.
He called on citizens to be very vigilant in securing their information as their are fraudsters within their very households that will take the slightest opportunity to rip them their entitlements.

He assured them that , he is aware of the fight back by such gangs but NASSIT has the strongest firewalls to indentify and bring down any cartel.

He concluded by advising such fraudsters to desist from such an.act and.join hands to build the Nation.
He said the event of HASSAN Kargbo is just an example, NASSIT will PRESS for the maximum penalty when such occurrence show up.

In her part, the Director of Benefit, Mrs. Victoria Mansaray called on citizens to be patient with the Trust in the event of delay in the Benefit processing. She says such criminality and complexity are some of the reasons that warrant such delays. She intimated the gathering that NASSIT has the responsibility to pay benefit on a timely manner but the scheme is also very cautious about the seemingless nature of the benefit they pay. We will bare any delay and undertake any investigations to ensure that the right amount is paid to the right people. She said the integrity of scheme is our watch word.
The matter was referred to the criminal investigations department for further investigation.


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