Thursday October 26, 2005

First_Name:  Sidie Yahya
Last_Name:  Tunis
Address:  6457 Fenestra CT.
City:  Burke
State:  Virginia
Zip_Code:  22015

I first would like to extend my appreciation to your staff for establishing a democratic forum like this for people to express themselves. I just hope that our politicians in power right now will express themselves. I am actually writing to respond to Mr. Lawrence Sandi’s article about why Charles formed a party after loosing the bid for leadership of the SLPP. I actually did not expect a question like, but I think it is that for us as Sierra Leoneans to deviate from ignorance and face real issues. Just to answer your question Mr. Sandi, if Charles had wanted to be the hier of SLPP because of his father, he  would not have left and form another party. He would wait until when ever the time comes for him to lead that party. Remember, if you actually know anything at all about politics in general or SLPP in particular, in 1992, before the NPRC took over, the SLPP was formed and Charles never pushed for leadership. Instead, he passed on the leadership to then, Salia Jusu Sheriff, Maigor Kallon and others and that was because he knew that those people were the pioneers of the party, but how can you actually consider people like Berewa or even Kabba strong SLPP members when infact these two actually advocated to ban both the SLPP and APC from ever taking part into politics in Sierra Leone.

Your idea that Charles wants to head SLPP because his father was involved in forming it is the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time. I believe that you live in the United States and if so, what can you say about George Bush being in power now and his dad was before. Can you Mr. Sandy actually say within yourself that things are fine in Sierra Leone and that Berewa will develop our country more than anyone else? When was that last time you went to Sierra Leone? I am asking you these questions because the majority of the people in that country do not share your view of Mr. Margai and I really believe that you just said what you said, but really don’t know anything at all about SLPP or good governance. If you are young, you need to really think deep because this upcoming election will impact the lives of many young men and women in that country because if our country stay the way it right now, I bet you would not even want to go down or people like you will deny ever knowing a place called Sierra Leone. I once again thank you cocorioko and I hope you will publish this.

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