Francis Bangura – Concerned Citizen

The vice-president Solomon Berewa once again
demonstrated his desperation to garner votes at all
costs, even if that translates to chaos on the streets
of Freetown. A city that is congested as a result of
the population displacement of the war is
sitting on mounds of filth which is already causing
health problems for ordinary folk.

Declaring the streets of Freetown as open season for trading is a stab on the back of law enforcement. The police have been trying their best to keep the narrow streets of Freetown open to vehicular and worst of all pedestrian movement. The city is so clogged up to the extent that people movement in the central business district is equivalent to navigating your way at the end of a Blackpool vs. East End Lions match at the National stadium. Fertile ground for pick-pockets.
For VP Berewa to declare the streets of Freetown a
free for all trade zone is the last nail in the coffin
of a mostly dark filth-ridden central Freetown. This
decision compounds all the related health hazards
connected with the garbage politics currently playing
out solely for partisan advantage. Causing
insurmountable health and security risks to the

The ensuing chaos is fertile ground for criminal
activity that is disturbing the peace of ordinary
citizens. That the simple action of answering your
mobile phone in the crowded streets of Freetown can
instantly attract criminals is heart-wrenching. How
can those entrusted with our laws willing to sacrifice
their enforcement in such a cavalier fashion in
pursuit of political office. What happened to the
notion “Country First”.

Egg on the face of the police who have been on the
frontline of this “Operation Free Flow”. To add insult
to injury, the flip flopping VP is shifting blame of
the operation to his political rival Charles Margai.
He alleges Charles was the chief architect of Operation
Free Flow while serving as Internal affairs minister a
few years back. May I humbly remind the VP that Leadership is a package that includes taking responsibility for both positive as Well as the not so positive under your watch! A
leader that shifts blame and points fingers at others
is a head – not a leader.

In his desperation to woo hearts and minds, the VP is
trampling some very basic conventions that comes with
the office. Shifting blame for government policy is
not just negating himself as the number two man in
government but wreaks of hypocrisy and an affront to
the number one office he is aspiring for. Next time
something goes wrong there will be a scapegoat or a fall
guy to take the blame.

The sad part of this policy is, the traders that are
at the centre of this charm offensive have already
made up their minds on who to vote for. A chat with
some of them reveals startling suspicion as to the
motives and timing of the VP’s sudden generosity. I’m I
thinking what you are thinking? Say no more! A meeting of minds as to why now is an open secret.
This great city with the password for freedom is
hardly free. Not even Operation Free Flow (now
operation flip flop) can replenish its freedom of
movement from the beehive of organized chaos.

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