Photo manipulation : The new norm for immorality and profanity in politics ?

By Akmid Mansaray 

The SLPP party surrogates or so called  "Concern Sierra Leoneans ..." who may have
doctored VP Victor Foh's image into such a degrading object and self-defeating
symbol, are on the  wrong side of politics and perhaps history.


The manipulated portrait of Vice President Victor Foh making the the rounds on
social media is absolutely appalling. There is no reason for any one, especially
a Sierra Leonean, to indulge in such a reckless display of artistry. 

Most africans, Sierra Leoneans included unfortunately are beginning to buy into the
supposed freedom they claim the west offers: the freedom to disrespect their
leaders or even throw things like eggs at them. What these believers don't
recognize is the prize that comes with such lousiness. Most of those who commit
civil disorders in the west are penalized and sometimes left to perish  on the
fringes of societies. 

Also, It is true that african and oriental cultures do
not encourage outright disrespect of their leaders for whatever reason, Even
though youths and most of all disgruntled politicians are now resorting to
jungle escapism, what they think is the norm in western societies is not that
normal: most advance countries monitor their subjects through surveillances.
They openly condemn the immoral actions of their citizens and penalize them for
what they do label as maverick. Why was someone in America arraigned in court
for  threatening President Barrack Obama...? Like l always will say freedom is
not as free as the west make us believe. It is therefore  unfortunate to see
through social media, much seem to be silently taking away from the positive
growth and development of most african societies. Someday soon, I think
countries like Sierra Leone would become such a moral decadent, there may be no
use for the department of attitudinal change.

No matter what others' beliefs are, I do know the APC government is disproportionately bearing the brunt of the
raw vulgarism and immoral creativity that is becoming the usual for most
disgruntled political activists who will use any means at their disposal to
sprout hatred or bitterness upon the powers that be.

Photo shopping I know serves a great purpose for designers and entertainers who would concoct photos
of characters, situations and sceneries and make them look believable,
interesting and and above all purposeful. Unfortunately, this artistry is now
being used by politicians especially to demean opponents in creative but ugly
ways. There seem less or no regard left for the dignity and privacy of

Before now, photo manipulations were mostly positive. With this out
of control social media era, emphasis has shifted to making photoshopping a tool
for personal vendetta and creative deception, nudity and dangerous politicking. 
Social and political "bastardization" seems so rampant with african sites
especially, it may soon awash the faints, making then believe lying  is a virtue
and political correctness is better than the truths and realities of our

During the Wake of the alleged Ebola corruption and the constitutional
debate in Sierra Leone that followed the removal from office of then Veep Sam
Sumana, most people believed the SLPP party was behind the recruiting of  "low
calibered"  IT professionals living in the diaspora, to demean the presidency of
His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma, a ploy believed will benefit their "
movement." I hope they are wrong. There were so many doctored postings online
that portrayed President Koroma as a miserable evil ...

The government and people of Sierra Leone deserve the right to moderate social and political
excesses as long such actions are true to the Sierra Leone constitution. Is an
act of parliament necessary to stop wicked or evil attitudes against especially
public servants and politicians? Bad behavior should not be rewarded nor be
condoned out of fear. It may be time, parliament enacted measures  that can
restrain those who conduct themselves poorly on social media at the detriment of
others. Why do do Asian countries moderate social media excesses? Why should
Sierra Leone not take legitimate steps to protecting its own people from social
abuses. I believe It is within the right and power of a government  to regulate
excesses that can undermine the peace and stability of a nation. Of course
governments in all countries have the right to national security and to advance
the socio-political development of their nations.

Mind you I remain your best friend. Therefore please allow me to ask this question: are you interested more
in character assassination or nation building?

Esse quam videri
(Rather to
be than to


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