President Ernest Koroma impressively leads the Ebola fight from the front


President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma in his Presidential Ebola Assessment and Situational Tour, visiting The Government Connaught Hospital; The Emergency Relief Health and Surgical Hospital; and The Lakka Epic Centre and Mobile Test Clinic, has displayed another milestone by relentlessly taking the lead and joining the medical community in the desperate eradication of the Ebola Pestilence.



President Koroma carried out this tour with his statehouse team of whom he relies on most in the Fight as it has clearly showed and demonstrated that his ministerial team are not working as a team in the interest of the nations and to be specific the vulnerable society, but are out there finding ways and means to play around this calamity as a means of squandering the dead man’s monies. His visits demonstrated courage, hope and confident to patients, suspected cases and their families and loved ones that someone cares, and if they are going to die someone is ready to die and cry with them. The President visit at the Emergency Hospital was termed by the Manager as a blessing which he is quite confident that patients suffering from long term cases will be healed and hope will be injected into them regardless the state of their condition, it gives hope which serves as a psychological pills.

About 35 to 40 Young and Dedicated Sierra Leonean Doctors had a 20minute engagement with the President and boldly disclosed the lapses and other undermining causes which are the brakes for inefficiency in service delivery within the Medico; they further highlighted salient pointers which the President himself penned down and took into consideration, some of the points highlighted is the poor facility and surgical equipment in the Port Loko Government hospital. Whenever cases emerged, unless they have to make referrals to either Makeni or Freetown, taking into consideration Port Loko being the highest populated district. A woman doctor, in an emotion, emphatically appealed to the President that medical and risk allowances should be provided to medical personnel who are so vulnerable to the diseases they address. She went further to mention in the presence of foreign medical colleagues that they are motivated and highly committed to duty because they are provided with medical risk allowance.


A South African-East African accent medical personnel commended the President for his relentless works and efforts he has been making to see the citizenship of his country are well provided for the basic commodities and near reach to other services, but join his other foreign colleague to pity him for the distracted Ebola scourge, and they have taken a vow to join the President in His campaign in the fight against Ebola.

Interestingly, no detractor, ministerial demons and thieves were with the President which naturally climaxed the visit as one of the most productive, impact oriented and sober tours of the President. No joker was present, and also, thank God the ineptitude, incompetent and inertia Minister of Death and Corrupt-Wealth was also not around, because the tour would have taken another sadden approach and her presence would have also contaminated the purpose. It’s good you had the opportunity to see very decently dressed and lady-lady women who were with the President. All in nice African and responsible styled and designed cotton materials. None of them in baby eyelash costume, over gorgeous paint-paint and ‘shoe me your Chess… ‘T’.

Those of whom were present ( Important Figures) are: Razie Timbo, Razie Bash Kamara, Unisa Deen Kargbo, Sylvia O. Blyden, Security Kabba and team, Williams Camera. “Efficient Coordination and Commitment was the language and message he preached in all of his visits. The meeting was a moving assessment tour in order to ensure that monies disbursed so far are utilized appropriately and to its entirety. Though a doctor who was totally disconnected with the President’s visit at the Connaught facility had wanted to distract the purpose, but tactically bypassed by EBK.

The visit was climaxed by a sample test of the President at the Lakka South African assisted well equipped electronics laboratory, which was demonstrated by the Coordinator ( a White South African Doctor), Sylvia and EBK himself. It was unique to see the President in an independent conducted interview with the PRESIDENTIAL Press Attaché responding to independent and radical questions which should have been master-minded by the President, but take the courage and honesty to respond to them all appropriately, as questions posed by Razie are questions that have been flowing in the social media. I know our country is moving and with the eradication and further control of the pestilence, Sierra Leone will serve as a showcase of real democracy.

Remember! Ebola is real and we must apply “Effective Coordination and Commitment” in the fight against Ebola. Says the President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Over and Out! Omega


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