President Koroma, beware of enemies of peace in Sierra Leone


By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia


President Koroma, beware of enemies of peace, progress and development in the country. Such unpatriotic and unnationalistic Sierra Leoneans do not want to know about the security and safety of their fellow Sierra Leoneans, particularly the poor and needy people’s precious lives in the country. What they care about is to make you and your APC government ungovernable by making it become unpopular in and out of the country at the expense of the poor struggling nation.


Therefore, to fight against such devil-incarnations so-called Sierra Leoneans, the security of the state and its people MUST always be paramount in your agenda. In view of that regardless of what the double turncoat Sierra Leonean elements, especially some of the political arm-chair mushrooms so-called human rights advocate are saying, please take appropriate deceive actions against any individual or group that may want to disturb the smooth ruining of the country, especially it hard earned peace. Peace is a precious commodity that we should NOT allow to slip from us again.


In view of that patriotic, nationalistic, peace, unity, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans please let the country’s security always be your concern. The fact is the peace, progress and development of the country are not only matters of President Koroma and his APC government. Therefore, it is a concerned for every Sierra Leoneans, particularly honest and sincere peace oriented Sierra Leoneans.


It must be a concerned for every one of you. Therefore, every Sierra Leoneans must stand firmly to say a big NO to any skirmishes of violence or war in the country. Do not say it is not your business. Let that be your concern because your lives and those of your school going children are very useful and valuable in the country.


However, if you say it is not your business, especially because it’s not your kith and kin that are in power, mind you tomorrow it will be your business. If only you can reflect your mind to the brutal war of Foday Sankoh and others. When he (Foday Sankoh) and his Green Book  lieutenants who are now parading in the country as flag bearers to fool the people again started their satanic ungodly movement against  their own poor people because of their lost for political power.


Many Sierra Leoneans were saying that it was not their business. It was the then APC government business. Just because they were been brainwashed. Sankoh and his wicked men and women told the people in their towns and villages that they would only came to overthrow the then President Momoh and his government. Therefore, they would not killed, loot or burnt down any ones’ properties, town or village. In fact they would put up flags in their areas of command to indicate that such areas belong to them, therefore they should not be rapped or brutalised, according to my radar.


But guess what, later it became every body’s business in the country when Sankoh’s evil men and women started slaughtering their own brothers and sisters like Christmas or Pray-Day sheep, goats and chickens in the country. Looting their properties and burning down their towns and villages. They subjected their own mothers, sisters, nieces and cousins to sexual objects or slavery. Amputated children as young as five (5) years old, young people were drugged to empower them in causing mayhem on their own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, families, relatives and loved ones.


Therefore, Sierra Leoneans, regardless of which part of the world you live be an Ambassador of peace and security for your mama Salone. Remember also the country in your daily prayers, for God Almighty to expose those that may intend to destroy the hard earned peace that our poor and defenceless people are currently enjoying, especially you that have faith in God.  Because you can presently see, hear or read about the happenings in the world, particularly what is going on in Europe, America, Asia, Middle-East and Africa, especially Southern Sudan, Nigeria etc. Also Foday Sankoh and his unpatriotic, unnationalistic inhumane Libyan Green Book Sierra Leoneans bloody war bitter experience that we had.


Sierra Leoneans, particularly poor and defenceless Sierra Leoneans, if you allow Foday Sankoh’s remnants to brainwash you through the use of the instruments of divide and rule, including political party affiliation interest, tribalism and regionalism sentiments, you are doing yourself more harm than good. The hard fact is, when you will be killing one another, they will easily snick out of the country to Australia, Asia, Europe and America leaving you on fire burning. As it was when AFRC booted out SLPP from power in 1997. Majority of them ran to Guinea and other parts of the world for the safety of their lives and left you in the mercy of the rebels and ECOMOG.


It is an open secret that many of them currently have two passports in their hands, including diplomat and ordinary passports to escape at any point in time that they will be able to make you start killing your brothers, sisters, burning your own towns and villages. Father for bid that. While you cannot even afford to have one because you have no money to pay for it.  So be alert, do not allow any rebel or war like Sierra Leonean to fool you again. All of their children are going to school abroad, eating good food and sleeping in good places, while your own children are struggling to get a pencil to write.


In view of that I am appealing to my fellow Sierra Leoneans, especially the real truly born Patriots   to put aside their hungry for political power, political party interest or affiliation, tribe or regional sentiments to put the country and its people’s safety first in you agenda. For the fact that violence, war, bullets do not know who is an APC supporter, neither the Kamajo bullets will know who is SLPP supporter. Bullets do not choose or pick who it will hit and kill. Fire in many cases do not pick where to spill over, whether it’s APC or SLPP house or office as long as it’s been lit.  Therefore, learn a good lesson from our 11 years nonsensical self-destruction that we caused on ourselves in the country.


In view of that, I do believe any individual or Sierra Leonean family that really had a direct or indirect taste of the bitterness of such destructive evil war, he or she will NOT want such ugly destructive events to take place in our beloved country again. Neither should we allow again Foday Sankoh and others era to resurface it ugly face in our poor nation.


Coming back to president Koroma, I would like him and his government to know that currently evil Sierra Leoneans are seriously undermining and sabotaging him and his government as I mentioned. I would like him to know that it is an open security that the current rampant violence, cliques, grave looting and the so-called armed robbery in the country are nothing but a manifestation of what to come in 2018 elections. Therefore, stringent security measures need to be put in place in the country because prevention is better than cure. NO chance taking on any form of violence in the country.


I also want him to know that enemies of peace and development were not happy when the UN declared the country to be one of the most peaceful countries in the subregion and it is also one of the countries that is very easy for one to do business. By their writings and comments, leave to them alone, they always want the country to be in the black books of the international community to satisfy their political power ambitions at the expense of the nation that is struggling to survive.


In view of that since when such evil so-called Sierra Leoneans do not want to hear that, that is why they are using the uneducated or semi-educated young Sierra Leoneans to carry out their ungodly underground satanic activities. So that honest investors, business men and women feel threatening.  As such they will see the country as unsafe place to do business and flee away at the detriment of the poor people. I also want him to know that they are currently using the austerity measures as a tool for their diabolic unpatriotic plans by directly or indirectly inciting the general public according to their writings and comments. Even though they are quite aware that the present Economic slowdown of any country it’s a global issue because of the fall of diamonds, iron ore and oil prices.


Again as for the rampant killing of innocent Sierra Leoneans by agents of enemies of peace and development in the country, according to my Radar, some Sierra Leoneans are saying that when APC wanted to boot out SLPP from power in 1967 general elections, APC as a political party was using animals as human beings. They used to kill  such animals along the streets,  roads and left their blood stained with women beads so that people would say it was a human being that was killed just to make the then SLPP unpopular.


Sometimes during the nights people would hear someone crying or shouting, den dae kar me ooh. Den they kill me ooh, and in the morning the people would see blood all over the streets. Of course it was an animal -goat or sheep blood according to my Radar.


However, when my radar has gathered such information, I said to myself if only if questions were made to be asked, I think I have the right to ask questions such as the following below:


  1. if the accusation against the then APC of late President Siaka P. Stevens was true, then who are now behind the rampant killing of poor innocent Sierra Leoneans instead of the use of animal -goat or sheep that was allegedly been done by the former APC?


  1. Who is currently responsible for the grouping of idle witch craft youths that calling themselves cliques that going about tell peaceful and decent Sierra Leoneans what type of dressing they should not put on?  Instead of learning trade for their future or looking for job.


  1. Who is responsible for those so-called armed robbers and grave looters’ activities in the country now that the APC is in power?


  1. Are these unholy activities being carried out by some of the wicked unpatriotic and unnationalistic power hungry SLPP enemies of peace and development because they want power by all means (pa-o-pa)? Food for thought or something to ponder.


However, please don’t forget about the Mamammah International Airport project that will create more jobs opportunities and foreign exchange in the country. Please listen NOT to detractors.


Note: I have read and heard about the sacked Vice President Sam-Sumana alleged threats of war in the country. I will take my time to critically analysis the contents of his alleged threats against the already traumatised poor innocent people of Sierra Leone. Particularly if he wants to allow enemies of peace and development in the country to use him like what they did to Foday Sankoh because they want power through him at his own detriment. If truly he wants to become another scape goat or JESUS for the vicious power hungry men and women, time will tell. However, let him know that Sierra Leone is still a member of ICC. My readers

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