President Koroma’s APC Won An Outright Mandate To Govern: No Need For A Political Compromise

 By Solomon Sesay :

A Rebuttal to Sorie Fofana’s article- A Need for a Political Compromise

My focus for today’s editorial was on another topic until I read Sorie Fofana’s rubbish “The Need for a Political Compromise.” Sorie’s article slights the democratic process that produced a clear winner at the polls. In his usual interventionist style, he argued that power-sharing is the impermeable solution for Sierra Leone. Reading his piece, those who did not follow political events in Sierra Leone might think the Sierra Leone People’s Party won the Presidential and General Elections or the results were too close to call. Because President Koroma unmistakably won and the All People’s Congress strengthened their majority in the House of Parliament, it is imperative to tell Mr. Fofana and the SLPP Pa-O-Pa group that there is no need for a political compromise.


Notwithstanding our political and religious differences, elders are still respected in our nation. In Sierra Leone, when a child makes a serious mistake (as Bio did with his refusal to concede defeat), seeking the help of an elder for some form of reconciliation is often that child’s best move. Although the public knew about Berewa’s visit to Bio after his publicized audience with President Koroma, Berewa was an emissary sent by Bio and the SLPP leadership from behind closed doors to request the meeting with His Excellency which he granted. There was nothing independent about Berewa’s visit.  The SLPP leadership called on him as a respected elder to initiate the dialogue with President Koroma which they urgently requested to get out of the political cage they had boxed themselves in.

Trying to put his Pa-O-Pa twist on President Koroma’s call for Sierra Leoneans “to join him in moving the country forward,” Sorie Fofana argued that it is “imperative” for the opposition SLPP to “join the government.” No way Sorie Fofana, opposition SLPP should help move the nation forward by being a responsible party that provides healthy alternatives to what the government in power is suggesting.  President Koroma’s utterances had nothing to do with power-sharing although that’s what the Pa-O-Pa side is hoping for. What is crucial is that the opposition SLPP accepts the fact that Sierra Leoneans have entrusted President Koroma and the All People’s Congress with the governance of the nation for the next five years. Therefore, there is no need for a political compromise.

Listen to this-“The government should come out and state clearly whether or not they are prepared to work with the opposition in the interest of the country.” Shouldn’t it be more like, the opposition should come out and state clearly whether or not they are PREPARED to work with the elected government in the interest of the country? I here argue that the latter is more appropriate because the ruling All People’s Congress, received a clear mandate by the electorate through a democratic process to govern the nation. While the opposition wasted precious time over the past five years obstructing the development of Sierra Leone, President Koroma and the All People’s Congress in actual fact successfully conducted the affairs of the nation; hence the vote of confidence in APC’ political leadership.  If Sorie Fofana could only keep things in their correct perspective, he would realize that while the government is ‘prepared’ to lead, the opposition is ill-equipped and unprepared to support the democratic maturity of Sierra Leone. Nothing proves this more than their refusal to openly say, “APC defeated us at the polls.”

Moving on, Sorie Fofana called “on President Koroma to open a line of communication with Brig. Bio now and engage him in a purely private conversation.” Where did this guy come from and what sort of principles does he ascribe to? He came from inside the Pa-O-Pa camp and has no class or shame at lot. If he did, he would not here try to paint the picture that Bio is somehow the vanquisher to whom the elected leader “MUST” reach out in order to survive. I would hate to live in Sorie Fofana’s residence because everything in that compound should go his way by force.  The voters rejected Bio’s message by a twenty-one percent margin and he is saying President Koroma should bend over backward in order to accommodate Bio. Unbelievable.

Anyway let me conclude by simply saying, President Koroma’s APC won an outright mandate, therefore there is no need for a political compromise. There is nothing to be agreed upon because President Koroma won and has since continued with the business of leading the nation. There is no need for President Koroma to be in close companionship with Bio; President Koroma knows with whom private conversations are imperative for the governance of Sierra Leone; after his overwhelming defeat, Bio is not one of them. There is no need for a political compromise therefore a government of ‘inclusion’ is out of the equation.  Bio can continue being a politician because the people of Sierra Leone have validated the statesmanship of Fountain of Honor, President Ernest Bai Koroma. Most leaders would not have met with Bio without the precondition that he overtly concede defeat. Furthermore, Bio is a free-man currently although President Koroma has the power to put him behind bars for good outside Sierra Leone. Enough said. Lonta!

Solomon Sesay

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