See how President Koroma is developing and transforming Pujehun District, another SLPP stronghold ?


You have to be the most ungrateful man of the highest degree not to give President Ernest Koroma the credit he deserves for his balanced transformation and development of Sierra Leone. President Ernest Koroma is transforming  even the most remote village in Sierra Leone through his magnificent infrastructural developments and even provision of solar electricity .

Though born of Northern parents, President Koroma is not concentrating his development projects in the North but is spreading them throughout the country. In fact, the South-Eastern Region is receiving the lion’s share of President Koroma’s development projects .

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This is Pujehun, at one time considered one of the most backward districts in Sierra Leone with some of the worst roads that are death traps and unusable in the rains. Today, Pujehun can boast of some of the most impressive road network systems, thanks to the socio-economic and political developments being initiated throughout the country by President Ernest Koroma.



What is most impressive is the fact that Pujehun is still a stronghold of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) ,despite significant gains in the district by the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC )  during President Koroma’s reign.  The SLPP  will be blushing in shame this morning that though they were in power for 11 years they did nothing in their stronghold. Places like Pujehun , Kenema, Kono and Kailahun are only seeing development now under President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Talk about strongholds would not have been necessary at all, but SLPP  zealots have been falsely  and unfairly accusing President Koroma of concentrating his development initiatives only among his Temne tribesmen–Though the reality and statistics prove them wrong. When you look at the origins of those employed in all our missions and embassies abroad and in the ministries , departments and agencies ( MDAs ) throughout the country, you find out that in fact, Temnes constitute a very significant minority . That will be another area of focus very soon by this newspaper. We have to let the world know how wrong the President’s critics  are about their views of his development projects. THE TRUTH MUST PREVAIL IN THE INTEREST OF FAIRNESS TO ALL PARTIES.

Some of the President’s critics love to shamelessly say that infrastructural developments and electricity are not all that the people need . Indeed , the President knows that fully, which is why he is also concentrating on other areas like agriculture, education, mining and health care delivery .

However, President Koroma cannot humanly do everything in only 10 years . He can however start the ball rolling and create a healthy momentum for socio-economic and political transformation of the country, which he has been doing. The next President who replaces him after his term of office expires can then take over where the President left off and continue the development of the country. That is how socio-economic and political developments come to a country. If other Presidents before Dr. Koroma had done the kind of splendid work he is presently doing, Sierra Leone would have been one of the most developed nations in Africa today.

Therefore, instead of capitalizing on the challenges being faced by the government, the best thing for Sierra Leoneans to do is to acknowledge the good things the President is doing now and pray that the person who replaces President Koroma has the same heart to develop the country.

These pictures are fascinating and impressive and should make every descendant of Pujehun proud.


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