Sierra Leoneans in New Jersey plan memorable 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations

Posted by  on March 9, 2011

Sierra Leoneans in New Jersey are  putting together a well-knit program that will make for a memorable 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations, one of the organizers told COCORIOKO in an exclusive  interview today. Madam Madina Rahman, one of New Jersey’s foremost community activists , disclosed that about 20 organizations and many members of the three leading political parties in Sierra Leone have come together in a national spirit of unity and cohesion to organize the jubilee celebrations.  She stated that what  is happening in New Jersey is worthy of commendation because  all the various organizations and the three parties –The ruling All People’s Congress ( APC) and the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) and the People’s Movement For Democratic Change (PMDC) –are working amicably together in a non-partisan spirit to make the 50th Anniversary celebrations one that people will talk about for long .


Some of the organizations that have united to organize the program are TEGLOMA, the Sierra Leone American National Organization ( SLANO), the Fulbe organization, the Creole Descendants Union, the Fourah Bay Community , the Foulah Town Comunity, Leone Stars soccer organization, the Sierra Leone Nurses Association and the political parties APC, SLPP and PMDC. They have joined forces with New York  organizations to make the celebrations big. Madam Rahman said that planning meetings are held every Friday  at the Somerset Fire House in Franklin Township. She praised members of the opposition SLPP and PMDC  who,  she said,  are performing well,  along with APC members ,  in all the committees they have volunteered to serve. Madina Rahman is in charge of the Parade Committee , while Mr.Suliman Kargbo heads the Dance Committee.

So far, New Jersey has planned a parade ,  cultural program and a dance.

According to the program for the parade given to COCORIOKO  by Madam Rahman, the massive Parade will be held on Saturday April 23 , 2011 .It will start  midday at Highland Avenue , turn right on to Hamilton Street , left onto Millstone Street to Matilda Avenue and end at the Naaman Williams Park. The cultural show will be held between 2-7pm.

For more information  or for food and non-food vendors interested in participating, the following  should be contacted :

MADINA RAHMAN   : 732- 309-8997 /

EFREN DATO : 732-873-2500  Ext. 400/


MEANWHILE, on April 15, 2011 , the Newark African Commission will be spearheading a honoring program for Sierra Leone to be staged by the City of Newark . The occasion will include a flag-raising program and a Proclamation , to be followed by a luncheon hosted by Mayor Cory Booker and the African Commission. According to one of the organizers, the program will start at 4pm. WE WILL ALSO BRING YOU THE DETAILS LATER.

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