SLPP and APC make peace and pledge to work together on day PPP asked citizens to stage Sit-Home protest against uncertainty over Tripartite Committee

By Kabs Kanu

Events moved fast in the nation today and in different directions.

While streets, neighbourhoods and businesses were closed in the city today as the public adhered to a call by the People’s Power in Politics ( PPP) to stay home on the day the report and recommendations of the Tripartite Committee were to be presented to President Julius Maada Bio, the feuding parties they are fighting over –The ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP) and the All People’s Congress ( APC ) – made peace and pledged to work together ahead of the Agreement of National Unity soon to be signed by them.

The development added fuel to speculations that had been going on that while probable misinformed and misguided supporters of the two parties were involved in a ferocious war of words and threats in the social media, both parties were actually working in unison.

This development will definitely work in favour of President Maada Bio who had been suffering painful international reprisals and backlash from citizens for hijacking the democratic process and boldly stealing the elections last year. If the pattern continues, President Bio will gain back international goodwill and funds withheld because of his electoral robbery might eventually be released.

But listening to angry social media forum hosts and callers to their programs, this show of unity has not spilled down to the public. In fact, since last week, the public had been tarring the two parties with the same brush and describing them as collaborators against the electoral welfare of the people. Both parties are being accused of conniving to deny the people electoral justice.


May be an image of 3 people, dais and text

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May be an image of 11 people and text that says 'His Excellency Julius Maada Bio 1h … Today, received an update from the Committee Members of the Agreement for National Unity. commend all parties on the significant progress made thus far. Iremain fully committed to ensuring that we fully reform our electoral systems, processes, and infrastructure. |thank our international and development partners for their support of this home-grown and home-led reform process. look forward to receiving the final report in the coming days as we continue, as one nation, unrelenting and unwavering in strengthening our democratic systems. 1'


May be an image of 6 people and text that says 'Umaru Napoleon Koroma @UmaruNapoleon Napoleor Today we did not deliver the final report, but delivered peace, national cohesion, , and a brand new Sierra Leone where we have all committed to maintaining peace and harmony. Today we met as Sierra Leonean family, and it was beautiful. We are standing very tall above the few extremists in our country. Our Sierra Leone family is bigger and larger than them. We are SLPP, APC, all other political parties, and we are all Sierra Leoneans. @PresidentBio @VP Jalloh @dsengeh @USEmbFreetown @UKinSierraLeone @EU Commission @MarahKaifala'




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