Sorie Bangura blasts Sierra Leone press and defends Okere Adams

Friday April 1, 2005

First_Name:  SORIE
Last_Name:  Bangura
Address:  111venace blvd
City:  LA
State:  CA
Zip_Code:  90043
Comments:  THANKS FOR THE SPACE AND INTERNATIONAL FORUM ALLOWING ORDINARY SL CITIZENS TO EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS.A few people have however miused this opportunity. Okere adams has not been charged with any crime because no crime was commited. The type of justice is simplistic. some of your readers have succombed to gutter politics and justice.All they look for is sensational headlines in the rags that pass for newspapers in SL.The newspapers can now make accusations against anyone.They write articles that potrays the accused as guilty.

Our tabloids have become  the the police investigators,the jury, and the sentencing judge all  in one in the name of exposing corruption.what a dangerous precedent. Please let your readers know that without due process of the law,we are all dumed.poverty and absence of due process were the backbone of the brutal foday sankoh war. Poverty and the jealousy of the sierra leonean is why our so called news papers like the “independent” use their new found power and freedom under this regime to destroy people.such things never happened under previous regimes.

So, now that it has been revealed that Okere adams did nothing wrong period. where does he go get his good name back ???. Sierra leoneans love success but loath successful people why???? we like to pull successful down  so that we can all be the same poor- no one for pass we.We do not respect ourselves how can we respect anyone else?
What a sad state to be.

Thanks for the space. peace and justice for all and may learn to respect each other.We must change or we will continue to last on the UN LIST OF THE SHABBIEST PLACES ON EARTH TO LIVE.

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