Posted by Ibrahim Gamanga on December 15, 2005 at 11:31:05:

Culled from the COCORIOKO Forum

It is really a disgrace to Journalism that certain newspapers in Sierra Leone are promoting politicians with bad records in the past but putting down those who have good intentions for Sierra Leone.

Take the case of certain newspapers so excited about Abass Bundu and writing all manners of promotional articles about him while also seeking to destroy good men like John Ernest Leigh and Charles Margai. You can see that these joindalists are being paid to write. There is no way any conscientious journalist will cry down John Leigh in one breath but praise Abass Bundu. Something is wrong somewhere.

But this is one of the things that are wrong with Sierra Leone.Journalism is now business in Sierra Leone. People enter into the profession to receive bribes and make ends meet. This is a big disgrace to our country. They have never received any on-the-job or pedagogical training and yet with the drop of a hat, they enter into the profession because it is the easiest to use to make money.

If we cannot promote good men, let us shut up and stop annoying readers by promoting people who contributed to the destruction of Sierra Leone.

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