The call for an inquest into Kush continues in Sierra Leone

The Call for an Inquest into Kush Intensifies in Sierra Leone

By: Sulaiman Stom Koroma.

As the dangers of Kush continue to manifest in the lives of youths and other people, several voices are increasingly demanding a thorough investigation into the importation, distribution, and individuals involved in the lucrative trade of the popular drug substance known as “Kush.”

Concerns have been raised about the apparent prevalence of this illicit activity and its potential societal impact, prompting calls for governmental action. If the government is truly ready to fight Kush as it did for the Coco Samba and other local herbs, *I challenge the government to do same for Kush*

The push for an inquest stems from growing unease among citizens regarding the unchecked spread of Kush across the nation. The need to uncover the roots of this issue and shine a light on those profiting from it has become a pressing matter for many. Questions surrounding the involvement of influential figures, and people in highly placed positions and possible lapses in regulatory oversight have only added fuel to the fire.

As pressure mounts on the government to address these concerns, the call for transparency and accountability in investigating the Kush trade grows stronger. With implications reaching beyond mere legality to potential social harm, the urgency of a comprehensive inquiry cannot be overstated.

The time has come for Sierra Leone to confront the issue head-on, acknowledging the realities of the Kush trade and taking decisive steps towards unravelling its complex web. Only through a dedicated inquest can the nation begin to address the root causes of this challenge and pave the way for a safer, more secure future for all its citizens, especially youths.

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