Monday November 28, 2005
Dear editor,
Please allow me space in your widely read News paper, COCORIOKO ,  to convey my utter dismay and greatest disappointment over the blistful comment IG Aicha made  against Charles Margai in last week’s edition of another online newspaper , regarding recent invents in Bo.
 Suffice it to say that I know Mr. Kamara as a hardworking and deligent Police officer- a man of cool tempo. But his comment on Margai in an ongoing court case is a dis-service to his very profession. Simply the distinguish IG should have reserved such one sided statement on the matter bearing  in mind the legal and convectional implications his public views may  insinuate.
 His debilitating attack on Charles is completely out of decorum and needs  not only apologize to the public for such a devastating blow to democratic  principles we all have worked so hard to bear on our political dispensations ,but further to Mr. Margai ,who he maliciously maligned. Simply a character assasination at its highest from a public officer like Aicha.
Without knowing much about the entire story , but cognizant of the fact that there is growing tension within the SLPP party especially between Margai and the Vice President over the former’s political ambition ,the Bo incident wether who started it or not should be a reminder about the fragility of our political atmosphere.And public servants such as the IG should be seeing playing an objective role in enforcing the law. The man just shouldn’t be the prosecutor ,Judge and witness. But his unfortunate statement on the matter is a fatal blow to his highly colorful  “Force for Good” cha cha. A force for good leadership must never make conclusive statements on matters that borders on politics especially his flawed and judgemental statement about the Bo incident.
Indeed there are  very good police men  in the force, most with outstanding academic accomplishment, and a trait of professional intergrity.  And unfortunately , the IG and most of his top cadre have been to places ,trained and observed  the public and the law and law enforcement. I hate to names names ,but there are now enough officers who will definitely tell a politician that ‘pa a nor feel say dis thing ya right oh, leh we fen other way for duam”.
In conclusion , the enitre Bo episode was just a total police failure to provide enough security either  for the VP or the public in general  considering the facts on the ground. Had the police made a strong presence within the CKC arena where Berewa and Margai had to appear ,may be such incidence could have been averted. So this should be a brilliant lesson for CPO Karrow and his South Div. boss.  But really the IG should leave public statements to professionals within the force who, as expected, should never be seeing compromising on matters of such nature. IG ,please next time exercise some professional restraint on matters before the court. Avoid anything one may see as a potential witness tampering or perjury. You have more than enough lawyers like Legon  to consult next time. But in Margai’s case you’ve already passed judgement something you shouldn’t do.
Let your Force for Good be a reality and not another paper cha cha.
 Hashim Daboh/ Philadelphia


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