THE OSWALD HANCILES COLUMN : Raymond Bamidele Thompson and Oswald Hanciles on whether America has the standing to reform elections elsewhere


*US Ambassador David Hunt: U Geh Mail from Raymond Bamidele-Thompson &* *Oswald Hanciles*

Raymond Bamidele-Thompson, +232-76-462-397; (former Chairman of the People’s Democratic Movement [PMDC], which won 13.8% of the votes in the 2007 presidential election, catalyzing the governing SLPP losing power to the main opposition, the APC):
Oswald (Hanciles), I doff my hat to you on one of the coldest winter days in one of the coldest states in America, Minnesota.

*You are so right on point.* *I have always maintained that America has no locus standi or standing in getting involved in the* *reform of any electoral system anywhere in the world, not to talk of Sierra* *Leone.*

You have cataloged the precise reason for the statement that America has no standing or business in interfering in the electoral processes and procedures of one of the most transparent nations in the world, Sierra Leone, regarding elections.



Take it from, yours truly, one of the most foremost involved persons in Sierra Leone’s electoral system. Also one, having lived in the United States since 1969, and seen elections being bastardized in the so-called seat of democracy.

As Oswald Hanciles, The Guru, keeping up to his reputation on this one, has said, in America, a presidential candidate, can have a majority of the popular votes cast, but still lose a presidential election to the candidate with the lesser popular votes. Does that make any sense to anyone, but Americans? There is this ass backwards archaic electoral system called, the Electoral College. After getting a majority of the popular votes cast, a presidential candidate has to also win the votes cast by delegates in the electoral college. A preordained archaic system, awarding a certain number of votes to each state, depending on its population is then cast to determine the eventual winner, who then has to be certified by the United States House of Representatives, before a winner is declared. How convoluted can an electoral system get?

Yet, in Sierra Leone, it is the Ambassador from the United States, that this myopic demonic political party, APC, is hobnobbing with, and the Carter Center, an international election observer mission, from the United States, also that APC is depending on to be an arbiter in our elections. Lest I forget, also the National Democratic Institute, another American outfit.

The leadership of APC really has a slave mentality, which Oswald Hanciles always refers to in his copius writings. APC lacks original and critical thinkers and so depend on the diplomatic and election observers from this nation, with the warped presidential election system.

The Sierra Leonean press also, those who have been interviewing Ambassador Hunt, lack the foresight of Oswald Hanciles, The Guru, and the Indefatigable Patriot and Democrat Representing the Voice of the Voiceless; and so when Ambassador Hunt would be interviewed, no question would be asked the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone about their archaic system, the Electoral College, that the Guru has unearthed, and yours truly amplified.

No serious minded political party in Sierra Leone should depend, or, allow anybody, any organization, any institute, or any association, from the United States to interfere in our electoral system, as the method accepted in choosing the United States President, arguably, the leader of the ‘free world’, is so skewed. *Until America reforms their twisted Electoral College system, it should not be allowed* *to tell us to reform our* *almost perfect system.*

Compare the American system of which I just informed the reader with our system, which is based on a true democracy, one man one vote and which even goes further to make sure our presidential candidates really qualify as a winner, demanding that the winner should have 55% of the total votes cast. Failing which a rerun for the winner and the runner up is conducted withn 14days, with the winner required to have a simple majority.

A system which provides for election observers, both domestic and international, and party agents. This all in an effort to have a transparent, free and fair election. To crown it all, counting the votes at each polling station is done in the presence of the party agents, security personnel and accredited domestic and international election observers. The results are then entered on the RRF, signed by the ECSL official and each party agent. A copy is then given to each party agent for onward transmission to the political party. Please “duya” tell me how could anyone rig an election under such strict conditions. Unles you are Christiana Thorpe and don’t care about the consequences of your action as the Chief Electoral Commissioner and so brazenly illegally cancelled 477 polling stations, declaring the APC candidate the winner. Next we then see her dancing with the APC, in jubilation of the victory. Yet this is the woman, who was going to be a nun. Thank God for sparing the Catholic Church such abomination.

I leave it to the reader to determine, who is better qualified to scrutinise the electoral system of each other, Sierra Leone or the United States. It should not matter that the United States has been in existence for 248 years, has a larger population and is a super power, Sierra Leone, although only 63 years old, without any fear of contradiction has a better electoral system in determining who becomes president.

Is it the United States, APC should be allowing to pass judgment on our elections and disrespect us, telling us our election had irregularities, imposing travelling ban and being so involved in our election sytstem?

APC please shed your slave mentality. We who are deep thinkers are not impressed with your galavanting with Ambassador Hunt, from a Nation with a most undemocratic presidential electoral system. Hunt should be learning from us. A system set up, so that what you are putting us through because of your disingenuousness and shady character, would not happen. You are premeditatedly for your selfish end exposing the majority of almost 8 million people to unnecessary ridicule and tension.

America should take the log out of its eye, before attempting to take the beam out of Sierra Leone’s eye.

I rest my case.

Stop 🛑 Stop


Stephen Mannah, US (writing in THE OSWALD HANCILES COLUMN Whatsapp forum): “USA remained concerned about SIGNIFICANT elections IRREGULARITIES in the results of the June 2023 elections in Sierra Leone”.


FYI- So, has Sierra Leone remained very concerned about significant election’s irregularities claimed by Trump in the November 2020 elections in the United States?

Sierra Leone has asked for a “4partite Committee” consisting of the U.S. government, the Republican Party, United Nations, and China, to look into the conduct of that election. Sierra Leone is still waiting for a response from President Biden.

🛑 Stop

Oswald Hanciles, Sierra Leone: Stephen Mannah: Thanks for posting in THE OSWALD HANCILES COLUMN Whatsapp forum irregularities in the US electoral system that should be investigated by citizens of the world, including Sierra Leone. That will certainly wipe off that smug condescension on the face of the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, H.E. David Hunt, as he talks on television about electoral reforms in Sierra Leone.

We will look into the irregularities in the George W. Bush and Al Gore election in 2000.

*In fact, we should also urge the African Union to probe the fake-est democracy in the world..*

In 2016, Hillary Clinton got 2.8 million votes MORE than Donald Trump; but Donald Trump was declared the winner, and was announced President of the United States.

In 2000, Al Gore got 500,000 MORE votes than George W. Bush. George W. Bush became President of the United States.

Sierra Leoneans living in the United States appear oblivious of this reality: “But, one of the most tragic effects of racism is the way African-Americans are treated in the criminal justice system. *African-Americans are more likely to be arrested for crimes than white* *people.* *They are also more likely to be convicted for the same* *crimes as white* *people…”* (SOURCE: Discover the Truth About Racism in the United States of America [], September 2, 2022)

White people comprise 76.50% of total population of the United States, but just 58.70% of those in prisons.

Blacks are a mere 13.40% of the total population of the United States, but blacks comprise 37.50% of the prison population of the United States. (SOURCE: US Prison Population By Race – WorldAtlas).

We are going to also investigate the demonic unChristian gluttony of the people of the United States that is fueling global warming and man-made Climate Change, threatening the extinction of humanity, and most of higher life.

We won’t forget the genocide on indigenous people of America; the almost four centuries of the Atlantic Slave Trade and slavery on plantations in America.

I hope that US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, David Hunt, would be physically present at the first hearings in Sierra Leone.

I pause,
Oswald Hanciles, The Guru
Whatsapp Number

May 13, 2024

03:41 hours in Freetown, Sierra Leone

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