The ringing of the NADAQS closing bell signaled the beginning of Sierra Leone’s PROSPERITY

The naysayers of the rebranding of Sierra Leone may look at the  ringing of the closing bell at NADAQS as a mere publicity stunt pulled off by the APC Government while in New York for the recently held UN General Assembly meeting. But it is not. As a servant of God, I write to inform the worldwide body of Sierra Leoneans that the act has Heavenly ramifications; it is symbolic of things to come as it sets in motion God’s goodwill for our rebranded nation. It is not by accident that our time conscious and internationally acclaimed President Ernest Bai Koroma was unable to make it to the stock exchange building on time. President Ernest Bai Koroma has determinedly led the drive to restructure and reconstruct the socio-economic yarn of Sierra Leone.
However, one individual cannot do it all. As the leading administrator he made the wise choice of selecting able individuals who are charged with specific functions in areas where they are proficient. Before undertaking his current duties, Rev. Kanu constantly interceded before God in behalf of Sierra Leone. Say what you may, God listens to his faithful servants even when they are not perfect more than just ordinary individuals. There are spiritual blockades with nationwide effects which everyday people cannot implore God to remove in the Heavens. It takes the spiritual strength of devoted servants to push wide the gates of Heaven and let the blessings of God flow freely on individuals, societies, regions, and nations. This was what the Hon. Rev. Kabs Kanu did by the act of ringing the closing bell at NADAQS. After petitioning God all these years to pour out PROSPERITY on Sierra Leone, his action at NADAQS closed the chapter on the lean history of Sierra Leone. By the same token, it opened the book of the era of affluence for the entire Sierra Leone.
 Sierra Leone’s misanthropists would ask, “Who gave the fallible servant Rev. Kanu such authority to push out of the way the brace setbacks to overflowing wealth in Sierra Leone?” It is the God that owns every beast of the forest and the cattle on a thousand hills.  It is the God who controls the resources of the universe in which our world’s economy is just a scrap. It is the God that gave Elijah the supernatural power to pray for and against rain. It is the God that has blessed countless nations through the flawed hands of lowly individuals. It is the God who empowers believers to call things that are not as though they are. It is the God who promised abundant blessings for obedient and faithful servants and their nations. It is the God of Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Desmond Tutu.  The Bible has several narratives of common people doing uncommon things on behalf of the God of everyday people. In our times, there are also incredible stories of regular people doing extraordinary things. The act of ringing NADAQS’ closing bell was a directive from heaven as the REBRANDING of Sierra Leone enters the PROSPERITY phase.
“Come on” my critics would say, “This is preposterous, misleading and slandering.” “How does an insignificant event that took place on the rich side of the Atlantic change the lives of the poor people on the south side of the Ocean?” As a servant of God, my fear is never the inability to convince doubters’ and haters. Because in the face of the truth, both groups will conjure reasons to markdown the facts. My concern has always been the failure to articulate the rare moments God has allowed me to sneak a look at events in heaven and their subsequent occurrence on earth. Any servant of God that says they constantly hear from God is a liar and the truth is not in them. Read the Book of Psalm and you will discover that despite the overbearing lament of the people, God only spoke seven times. More than anything, God listens as we present our human and societal complains. Often than not, God allow us to sought through our issues although we plea directly for divine answers. I do not want to mislead you by providing answers I do not have. However, allow me to share this with you before closing.
Who would have thought that the collapse of the housing market in America was part of a perfect storm that would lead to a global recession? Why the opening and closing events on Wall Street do affect money markets everywhere in the world? How sand storms that begin in the Sahara somehow reach the Americas? How do volcanic eruptions that occur under the sea cause Tsunamis with rippling effects thousands of miles away? Why did the Red Sea create a pathway for God’s people simply by the stretch of the rod? How did Jesus turn water into wine and save a wedding party from becoming a livid crowd? Why President Obama did invite President Koroma to join the head table although what ill-willed Sierra Leoneans expected for our leader was shunning and scolding at the UN? If you can figure the answers to all these questions then maybe you will understand that the Hon. Rev. Kabs Kanu ringing of the bell has a Divine Dimension connecting Heaven’s Glory with Sierra Leone’s PROSPERITY.
 In October of 2009 when I revealed that I see a New Sierra Leone, some thought I was crazy and others accepted it as a prophetic revelation. Two years later, the theme for the nation’s Golden Jubilee Independence was “Celebrating a New Sierra Leone.” Like you, I ask God why me? I wish I knew. However, to hold back revelations from God because of my failings is to be of disservice to humanity. Moreover, the God who powerfully touched me several years ago said ‘His grace is sufficient’ as I share with my countrymen/women what is revealed. So fellow Sierra Leoneans, allow me to say:-
Although we have been thinking sad thoughts, God has not forgotten about Sierra Leoneans. Although there is suffering, discomfort, grief, pain, and abject poverty in the land, God has not forsaken our nation. As we honestly express our human emotions because of the hard and hash conditions in Sierra Leone, God heard our complaints. The afflictions of Sierra Leoneans have produced a supernatural affection from Heaven. Our days of sorrow are ending as our brighter days of JOY are just beginning. Our moments of adversity are coming to an end, as our season of PLENTY is set in motion.  There is a shifting in the Heavens for Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is no longer next in line for blessings from God. The discharge of God’s outline for the nation is now the topmost item on God’s to-do list.  BLESSINGS for Sierra Leone are now the highest priority directly in front of God, and directed with urgency toward Sierra Leone. God has searched the hearts of our leaders and examined the soul of our nation. God’s conclusion is that our leaders are sincere and the soul of the nation is committed to God. Therefore, it is time for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans to PROSPER.  As the nation fixes what was broken, God will move SIERRA LEONEANS FROM RAGS TO RICHES.
From the fruits of the land, Sierra Leone shall prosper. Through the resources of the Sea, Sierra Leone will prosper. Through the grains in the ground, Sierra Leone will prosper. From the natural resources currently mined and yet undiscovered, prosperity is coming. The Lion Mountain shall no longer be the place where there are scarcities. The thousands that now go to bed hungry will soon wakeup with a full stomach and lots of leftovers in days to come. From being categorized as an underdeveloped nation Sierra Leone will soon fall in the grouping of a DEVELOPING nation.  Beyond the clamor about what the current government has failed to do, lay the concrete measures our leaders have taken to swing the PROSPERITY pendulum Sierra Leone’s way. There’s a CHANGE in fortune for Sierra Leoneans that will rain OPULENCE on the nation.  The sound economic policies of the government will bring good dividend for the entire nation. From the oil at sea to the diamonds in Kono, Sierra Leoneans will begin to benefit from her blessings. From the ores in the north to the fertile soils of the south, the nation will soon forget about deprivations. From the factories in the west to investments all around the nation, it’s time for rejoicing because God has opened the gates of Heaven to pour out PROSPERITY on Sierra Leone.  Affluence shall blanket the nation like Manna from Heaven and Sierra Leoneans shall tell of the goodness of God.
Blessings and Peace
Rev. Kemoh M. Sulimani Jr.

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