U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone help sought to save Journalist Barrow from deportation to Sierra Leone

Alex Mansaray , as a concerned citizen of Sierra Leone , has intervened  in the Immigration matter involving the Sierra Leonean  journalist, Paul Barrow, who is on the verge of being deported,  after falling foul of the immigration laws of the U.S.

Mr. Mansaray , in his capacity as a member of the planning board of Franklin Township, has tapped the help of U.S Congressman of New Jersey Mr. Frank Pallone jr, to save the journalist, who is presently incarcerated at the Hudson County  Correctional Center in South Kearney.

Mansaray said he and some other concerned citizens have been working hard on the case, but he expressed grave concern that some Sierra Leoneans in New Jersey had been trying to complicate the case and place Barrow in deeper trouble by supplying incriminating information to the U.S Immigration. He was dismayed by this wicked and diabolical act by Sierra Leoneans to their own brother and fellow citizen. Mansaray is appealing to Sierra Leoneans to desist from such acts and to be united behind efforts to seek the freedom of the journalist.

COCORIOKO  is appealing to the U.S.  authorities to forgive journalist Paul Barrow, grant him amnesty and allow him to stay in America.  Barrow’s fears that he could be killed on his return to Sierra Leone are credible and true.


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