U.S State Department refuses to push President Bio’s criminal elections robbery under the carpet

By Kabs Kanu

The United States remains concerned about the bold faced rigging of last year’s presidential elections by the Sierra Leone leader, retired Brig. Julius Maada Bio.

The U.S is convinced that only a thorough investigation will restore confidence in the Sierra Leone electoral process.

This statement is a red flag for the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party that the U.S has not given up in ensuring consequences for the effontery by the SLPP to steal the elections with flagrant impunity.

A Tripartite committe involving the government , the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC ) and international stakeholders , which was set up to investigate the elections is presently going on and is expected to come up with investigations that should be implanted, according to a communique signed by the three parties.

If President Bio refuses to implement the recommendations, he will likely face more crippling economic and political sanctions from the U.S and Sierra Leone’s development partners . Already, the U.S has imposed travel restrictions and put a hold on the $480 million Millennium Challenge Corporation ( MCC ) Compact grant.

Bio, not initially cognizant of the fact that  the U.S means business and thinking that America’s anger will eventually blow away, is very angry about the U.S insistence and has been making disparaging statements against the U.S. Fanatics of the SLPP have lately been calling on their president to forget about the grant to preserve the respect of the country. They think America’s attitude is a blatant interference into the internal affairs of the country.

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