UN Brings Curtains Down On Sierra Leone’s Elections. It Is Finished. President Koroma Won It.


 The United Nations yesterday held a special session on the agenda item : THE SITUATION IN SIERRA LEONE. ‎During the session , the UN Security Council considered the report on the recently-concluded elections in Sierra Leone from the Executive Representative of the Secretary General ( ERSG ) , and based on this and what it also described as “Positive reports from observers on electoral conduct ” , made the Resolution below.



1. “The Security Council welcomes the briefing from the Executive Representative of the Secretary-General dated 28 November 2012.

2. “The Security Council commends Sierra Leone for the conduct and successful conclusion of Presidential, Parliamentary, and local elections, in particular acknowledging the important role of Sierra Leone’s electoral institutions, political parties, civil society groups, international partners, and domestic and international observers. The Council welcomes the formal announcement of polling results from the National Electoral Commission and positive reports from observers on electoral conduct.

3. “The Security Council calls upon all political parties and candidates to accept the results and to work with the Government of Sierra Leone in a constructive manner through national dialogue and reconciliation. The Council urges all parties to any resolve grievances peacefully through national institutions.4. “The Security Council underscores the significance of this round of elections as a key benchmark of consolidating peace in Sierra Leone. They were the third set of elections to have been held in Sierra Leone since the end of the civil war and the first to be run entirely by Sierra Leone’s democratic institutions.5. “The Security Council stresses that there is important work ahead to further embed peace and secure equitable prosperity for the benefit of all Sierra Leoneans. The Council notes the importance of the formulation and implementation of a robust development and peace consolidation programme that is inclusive and improves the lives of all Sierra Leoneans, and urges the new administration and all political parties to ensure the programme is finalised in a balanced and inclusive manner.6. “The Security Council urges the international community and development partners to continue to provide coordinated and coherent support to Sierra Leone to meet its peacebuilding and development priorities.7. “In addition, the Security Council requests the Peacebuilding Commission to continue to provide support to Sierra Leone following elections, in particular in international resource mobilisation efforts and coordination of international development partners.8. “The Security Council recalls its request in Resolution 2065 (2012) for the Secretary-General to deploy an inter-agency technical assessment mission to Sierra Leone, and in particular for this mission to consider detailed proposals and a recommended timeline for the transition, drawdown, and exist strategy for UNIPSIL by no later than 15 February 2013.”

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