Thursday May 18, 2006

First_Name:  Kinnie- Moi
Last_Name:  Kemokai
Email_Address:  kemfatic@hotmail.com
Address:  Sudan
City:  Juba
State:  Bahel Jebel
Zip_Code:  N/A
Comments:  I’m an excellent reader of Cocorioko and it is my main link to Sierra Leone while in the diaspora. I have also been reading every article published by this paper from the two brothers (Foday and Hashim Daboh). But to tell you the truth,Foday has missed his mark just as the SLPP will come next election. Do you mean to say that Foday has no issues of concern to discuss rather than attack the late Sir Albert? Is this the type of politics he is going to preach come 2007? Hashim, like me has always been very crtical of Pa kabbah and his cabinet of looters. In all his articles, he has never and I know he will never attack family members of the Pa and his bag totting boys.

True to say the APC err during their period of misrule. But we changed them in 1996 to usher in SLLP thinking that they will change the nation. But all ten years have again gone down the drains. Foday, imgine the SLPP SABABU Education chap chap that is been preached by Wurie and his team of looters. Please stop by one senior secondary school and try speaking English to them, you will realise that education for all should actually meant quality edication.I’m one of those who went through primary education during the APC era. There were good teachers and quality education was the watch word. Today you only need to look at our universities and hear the students speaks.

The hydro in Dodo was built by APC to serve Kenema and then later Bo. Instead of helping to improve the only facility in the south east, the SLLPP led gov’t has alomst criple it and now both Bo and Kenema are in constant power cuts. very soon both minicipalities will be like Freetown. This does not however mean that I support APC. I just want to bring to light the deficiencies in Foday’s Kabbah led government which he seems blind to reason against. Please Ngor Foday, if you have nothing to say about Sierra leone, then you better keep quiet and never again attack Sir Albert. Let me help Pa Javombo to tell you to apologise to Charles and his family. You will hear more from us in the diaspora when the dance begins.

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