What evil stone hit Sierra Leone ?


By Kabs Kanu

Sierra Leone is drowning in poverty, debts, and misery as never before –No light, no water, no money to pay workers. no food to eat and all our President and his juju wife do is travel, travel, travel, travel. As poverty and hard times reduce our people to paupers, all our President does is travel. The best place to hide from him is his office at State House.

What evil stone hit Sierra Leone ? Who cursed our country ? We are the poorest country in this West African subregion and yet we have the worst and the most wasteful government ever.

Now, you find street beggars even in suits and gowns, not rags as before. Poverty is hitting everybody. Family pots are no longer boiling. Children wake up in the morning and all they see are parents and guardians yawning in hunger and starvation.

Anger and frustration are everywhere. And this President and his blood- sacrificing wife just keep traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling. All they bring home from their “wakabot” around the world are lies, more lies, false promises and more false promises; debts and more debts. depletion of our national coffers and more foreign isolation.

Who cursed Sierra Leone ? Maada Bio and his wife are a curse on our nation. Collectively, they are a curse to our nation.

When will God have mercy on our nation and remove these leeches from our skins ?

Rice is approaching two million leones per bag in a country where nobody , except the big guns in government, get as much as Le 500,000 as take – home salary . How will our people eat ?

Everything has gone through the roof. Maada Bio met the price of rice at Le 200, 000 a bag. Today, it is over one million leones.

Nar dis we get for dey pan ? Every Sierra Leonean must ask himself that question. Nar dis we get for dey pan ? How long will our people continue suffering like this ?

The SLPP Government is the worst government ever in the history of our country. President Bio is the worst president ever to grace the turf at State House.

Sierra Leoneans must decide whether this is the kind of life they have to live perpetually. Time is running out.

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