What they did to Minah and Hinga Norman is what they want to do to me – says Charles Margai

What they did to Minah and Hinga Norman is what they want to do to me – says Charles Margai


The leader of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) Charles Francis Margai has said that what they did to Minah and Hinga Norman is what they want to do to him but he is different. They plan to arrest me so that the country will go into confusion and then they will arrest all and say treason.

He made this statement on Friday 31st May 2013 at PMDC regional office 19 Dama Road in Kenema city while addressing hundreds of his party supporters.

He says he and his party members do not want problem in Sierra Leone, adding that if they were not law abiding people the kind of behavior put up by the police, Sierra Leone would have been on fire by now; but thank God they all showed maturity and discipline, that he said is one of the differences between APC and PMDC.
He called on his party stalwarts to continue to be law-abiding saying “but let nobody take our willingness to be law abiding as a sign of weakness as the country belongs to us all.”

Margai says he does not have 20,000 Kamajors but that he has more than that number of people ready to go and defend him if need be because they believe in him and believes in what he does and they know that he likes the country. He said since he qualified as a lawyer in 1971 he has not gone anywhere but has stayed in the country, travelling only for a few weeks. He pointed out that the man who does not like his country will not sit there for up to 42 years.

The PMDC leader says he is touring the nation and from Kenema he will be going to Bo city, Gbangbatoke, Magburaka and other places. As from now on he said PMDC will be meeting the people every weekend and they will fully make use of the media both electronic and print. “We will not criticize an individual but it is our duty now to make sure that we give guidance and direction to the people of this country.”

He point out that the 444 is hitting every body, saying 444 has affected all negatively even those who voted genuinely for APC are all complaining bitterly about the system.

He said “as of today I’m not a bulldozer as we have done that before, I’m the King of the Jungle. The lion was sleeping when President Ernest Bai Koroma went and woke it up, and it is only he that knows how he is going to put the lion back to sleep.
Talking about what led to his arrest he says, in politics arrest or no arrest does not matter to him as long as he is suffering for the welfare and wellbeing of this nation and the people.

He explained about the 6.5 town lots of land given to him by the Basma family and which is situated near Pallo Conteh’s land behind Bintumani. “It is this land that the first lady Sia Koroma want to illegally occupy” which he says will never be possible.

He says the sacrifice he did for His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma is immeasurable citing the instance of their trip to Segbwema before the first term of President Koroma. He says God does not like ungratefulness and then called on his membership to pray day and night for President Ernest Bai Koroma and others who have brought shame to the leadership of PMDC saying everybody will soon see the result.

By Saffa Moriba

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