Why APC lost the election in Samu


By Al Bah

*The untold story about ward 139 by_election Kambia District*

Ward 139 is located in samu chiefdom home of the Yumkellas , it’s no gain mentioning the clout that name (Yumkella)carries in that chiefdom. Having said that, i wish to point out at the following
(1) Never in history had the APC won an election in that town(Kychom).
(2) The said ward has three pooling centers, one in kychom one in kamp dee a neighboring village to kychom and the other across the riverine a small island called Balensera perceived to be a strong hold of the APC
(3) Majority of the registrants/voters are from kychom.

*Candidates factor*
Two political parties presented candidates (APC and ADP) and one independent/KKY candidate
By all indications, The APC presented a solid and very strong candidate who hails from the island a place perceived to be the strong hold of the APC. In the same vein, the Kky candidate is also from the same island thus attracting a small portion of votes from a place largely believed to be an APC base.

*The voting pattern*
Kychom and kamp Dee voted over 90% for the kky candidate whereas in Balensera island we saw a pattern in which the KKY candidate was able to score a significant amount of votes probably because of his descent that number of votes denied the APC candidate victory.
*The chieftaincy factor*
Previously, the APC got sympathy votes from kamp Dee though an anti APC ground
but the recent crowning of the section Chief in kychom leaving kamp Dee makes things worst for us, according to them, they are robbed from what naturally belongs to them *(section Chief)* due to the interference of APC Alagbas in the chiefdom in revenge, They proportionally replied in the ballot box.

*Why all fingers pointing at Petito*
Since the unofficial announcement of the result, almost all fingers are pointing at Petito. To some of us it’s understandable, some of these might be the reasons!!
*He is widely regarded as the face of the district’ he is always with these people.

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