Why the APC Government is the best deal for Sierra Leone.

apclogoresizedBy KABS KANU

By being able to reduce poverty in Sierra Leone by 10% and dramatically and significantly increasing food production in Sierra Leone, in addition to all the government’s other achievements in providing electricity, state-of-the-art infrastructural developments , free health care for children, lactating mothers and senior citizens  and promoting peace, human rights and the rule of law etc, the All People’s Congress (APC ) Government has proved that it is the best deal for Sierra Leone. Never before has any government in post-Independence Sierra Leone accomplished what the APC has achieved since it came to power in 2007.


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No doubt, the millions of Sierra Leone who voted the government overwhelmingly to power in 2007 and 2012  made no mistake . The achievements  of this government have justified the fact that it deserved the confidence reposed on it by the people on November 17, 2012 when they gave the APC  a landslide victory over the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ).

The SLPP  resorted to every imaginable subterfuge to brainwash the people of Sierra Leone to stop them from voting  the APC  back to power. Concocting lies after lies after lies after lies  about President Ernest Bai Koroma , ministers of the government, diplomats, the presidential and government media personnel,  and other government officials had always been the staple of  some deranged SLPP  supporters online .  If lies and concoction of stories could win elections, the SLPP,   with their evil and depraved online forum supporters with their  hundreds of monikers to create the false impression that they are many , could have been riding the crest of victory in Sierra Leone. They would have won the elections hands-down, but it is the truth that lasts, though online forum supporters will never accept this, to their doom. The people of Sierra Leone saw through their lies upon lies , upon lies and rejected them at the polls with the result that President Koroma returned to power by a landslide . Their lies could not stop the APC  from being voted back to cover and their cauldron of lies will not stop this government from achieving the goals it has set for itself for the Sierra Leonean people.

The APC  will continue riding high in Sierra Leone now, in 2017 and beyond 2017 . The ministers will continue riding high. The diplomats appointed by this government, whether at the Sierra Leone Mission in New York or the Embassy in Washington DC  will continue riding high, whatever lies are concocted about them , because they are progressive and  because victory is always their’s  and they serve a victorious and winning government. As one official said, ” We go continue for kirk we feather ( we will continue to ride high ) because it is us that the Sierra Leonean people trust with power  because we are the most productive and progressive and they have given power back to us for FIVE SOLID YEARS ! ! ! ! ! Let psychotic and unblessed people online waste their time  writing whatever lies they want to concoct  about us. We will continue to reign over them and flourish , by the grace of God “. By the time they “faint “(discover) that, like okuru dogs,  they have wasted all their time barking at soaring eagles, , it will be late for them  . We would have developed Sierra Leone to the glory of God, the empowerer, while they would have   remained  wallowing in their backwardness and frustration in America . 

Despite all the propaganda against this government, Sierra Leone has undergone so much transformation over the five years that President Koroma has been in power. Electricity and water supply have been restored. The government has embarked on the most massive road and infrastructural development ever undertaken in the country. Mining activities have restarted  ; the economy is expected to boom; Now we have started achieving our targets towards food sufficiency; the investment climate is very encouraging and our relationship with our development partners remains friendly and fruitful and the Agenda For Prosperity, which was unveiled last week, promises to deliver even more for the people of Sierra Leone.

We congratulate Agriculture and Food Security Boss, Dr.Sam Sesay, one of the most productive ministers in the APC Government. The good news that Sierra Leone has increased food production is a testament of Dr.Sesay’s brilliant implementation at his ministry of the programs of President Ernest Koroma.

We are proud to be on the winning side .

We hope the socio-economic and political development of Sierra Leone will continue, despite the best efforts of those who do not want to see any progress in the country because their dilapidated and desolate party is not going to be in power in Sierra Leone any time now in the foreseeable future.


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