Nothing is infallible. Only God is.

In 1923 , the people built a ship called the TITANIC and even the builders bragged that nothing can sink it. They even blasphemed that not even God can sink it. On its first voyage, it sank, taking thousands of confident souls to their death  with it.

Yesterday, everybody was confident that it would be over even before 9pm. The polls, commentators, pundits and everybody were predicting that Mrs. Clinton will win . The only question was whether Trump would concede defeat.


But the greatest and the most stunning shock befell the U.S. and the world , to everybody’s disbelief .

We cannot trust anything any more in this world.

Nothing in this world is worthy of being trusted. Do not trust in chariots or horses. Even  nuclear power cannot be trusted. It can fail .

PSALM 20 : 7 “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”

People trusted too much in Hillary Clinton’ s power to win. Nobody expected her to lose. Her chances of winning were too formidable . BUT ……

The pundits , the opinion polls, the media hype, the news of the record voting  of Latinos, Hispanics and  African Americans all  turned out to be a ruse. Even once-blue states of Michigan , Pennsylvania and Wisconsin betrayed her.  Swing states that were in favour of Clinton in the opinion polls such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina turned against her . States like Ohio and  Florida where Obama did well in the last elections were  snatched under her eyes.

When the results started coming in, people were not even believing that victory  being predicted by the poll masters and the media was slipping  away , just as some of the passengers on the Titanic did not believe the ship would  sink even as water was pouring into it.Everybody trusted in technology . But the ship sank completely and its debris was not found until about 70 years later.

Yesterday, everybody trusted in Clinton’s “electability”  and assumed supremacy over Trump. I too went to sleep to refresh myself for early morning work . To me, it was sealed and signed.




I woke up two hours later to stunned disbelief . As soon as I saw the map , I knew that the unexpected had happened while I enjoyed my slumber.

I had already prepared my headline for today’s COCORIOKO and chosen this Clinton picture to go with the story. This photo  above would have adorned the front page, but man proposes, God disposes.

We were expecting Mrs. Clinton’s victory speech to come as early as 10 pm, but instead of it, her supporters were already in tears in tears.

Let us learn that only God is certain. Nothing s certain in this world.. Only God is full-proof. Only God cannot be defeat. Anybody can be defeated , even with the best-laid plans. The power is in Jesus Christ and not in anything in this world, not even in the Pentagon.

Clinton lost , leaving most of America and the world in shock.

Let us respect the Americans’ decision. It is their country and they have decided on what they wanted. We cannot dictate to them. Let us thank God for them that the elections went on peacefully and try to emulate them .  The speed with which Mrs. Clinton conceded last night was amazing, but very, very impressive  about American democracy. This morning does not look like a day after a  very major elections last night. Whatever can be said, Americans are to be admired and respected.

God bless America.

The people have spoken. Let us respect that.

Enjoy this traditional gospel album from Liberia I dedicated to you yesterday. I love it so much. Please meditate on the words being scrolled across the screen over the album. Nar Kissi woman dem nar Liberia dey sing so.…

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