APC Stalwart appeals to compatriots to change strategies

By Mamu Al Conteh–

APC had always lost supporters much quicker than the SLPP because, we put the nation above party and regional interests. We employed qualified candidates for available jobs.

The SLPP on the other hand, put their party and tribal interests above the nation. You will only gain meaningful employment under the SLPP if you are a Mende or a devoted SLPP member.

If you doubt my statement, please name me just one person in Sierra Leone who had been employed under this Bio’s regime that is not a Mende or fanatic SLPP supporter.


If you payed attention during the just concluded general elections, the most vicious APC critiques where APC members, or Northerners. Why? They or members of their families, should have been at least been considered for certain employment. But instead, more SLPP and mendes where employed instead of our very own people who bleed for the victories we got. They might not be as qualified as our brothers from the Southeast, but some had the requirements needed for the job.

The APC must seriously start to rethink their strategies. Because some of our members are still bitterly disappointed. The competition is unbalanced, unfair and unjust. Under the Tejan Kabbah’s SLPP, at least 80% of those that were granted scholarships to study abroad where Mendes. And at least, 70% of them gained employment after their studies

So how can the competition be free and fair?

I honestly respected the way the APC operates in regards to our character (nationalism and inclusiveness), but if we are to continue this path whiles the SLPP goes unchallenged and unchanged, I am afraid to say that the 30% Mendes will continue to dominate and control the rest of us. (the 70%).

To those of my APC comrades who where disenfranchised under the EBK leadership, I beg you to return home. No other political party will be able to unseat Bio and his tribalistic SLPP, except the APC, but we cannot successfully do it alone. The NGC was a con job. The c4c was a blessing for Maada Bio, Masa Tarawalie is a bigot and the pink party was a distraction.

Let’s put our differences aside and embrace our commonalities for the good of the nation. I am appealing to our APC leadership to seriously and forcefully start the healing process. We shouldn’t wait till election night. Sam Sumana, was seconds away from endorsing Dr. Samura , but time was not on our side. The wound was too deep to heal in seconds.

KKY was never going to endorse the APC. His blood is too green. It was the SLPP who illegally made his father, a paramount chief. And it was the APC who legally reversed that illegality. However, 95% of his real supporters are either Northerners or for former APC members. Let’s get them back. By hook or by crook. They are already disenfranchised. Their eyes are now open.

The divisiveness currently being experienced in Sierra Leone is not a fluke. How can it be acceptable that a single tribe controls the entire civil services? How can the APC justify this? Why are they still so naive to assume, Northerners will continue to support them, when the actual beneficiaries are SLPP and Mendes? Why? Why why?

Equilibrium must be maintained.

If Sierra Leone is for every tribe and region, it must not then be acceptable for a single tribe to control the most important sectors of the land. For unity to prevail, justice must be our four pillars.

Mamu is signing out for a couple of days. Hopefully, the new group of doctors know what they are doing.

Your prayers will bring me back speedily. There is victory for us all!!!

Love all, hate non, (except Bio and his group of tribalistic, cannibalized kamajors).

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