Once again under SLPP, diamond turns into a stone

It is appalling and shameful to our nation when a government cannot hold it’s own. What will the people of this nation say and on what bases should anyone at all trust a government that has displayed zero integrity and absolute disregard for the most vital life principle of “eat from your sweat”?

An hardworking citizen of this blessed country called *Ezekiel Kabba* choose not to tow the path of thievery and trending laziness but choose to toil hard to make ends meet. The youthful dream which states that *”we are the future leaders”* has been the greatest tool of mental slavery in the hands of our selfish leaders who desire to deprive the young of all opportunities of attaining wealth and assuming leadership roles.

With this in mind, the youths are once again demoralized by this mind bugging question; *is the “NEW DIRECTION” another crafted path to unending sufferings?*

After years in the extremely risky mining fields of Kono, the divine hand of wealth choose *Ezekiel Kabba* and his friends as they found a *700 carat gem(diamond).*


Experienced Lebanese diamond experts were said to have confirmed that it was one of the largest diamonds ever found in the history of Sierra Leone. Information reaching Sierra Leoneans confirmed that an heavily armed convoy sped down to the diamond blessed district (Kono) to command possession of the gem and escorted Ezekiel Kabba down to Freetown in the name of safety.

*Cecilia Mattia* a fearless and experienced woman of integrity that works for *the Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (SLEITI)* has chosen to uphold transparency and integrity(virtues worth emulating across Sierra Leone).

The Honorable Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone was reported to have kept the 700 carat diamond in his possession at his residence for forty eight (48) hours before handing it over to the appropriate authorities.

This move by the Honorable Vice President if true is clearly wrong and completely distant from the ethics that should be upheld by every government.

The highly esteemed *CSO (Cecilia Mattia)* who is popularly recognized as an epitome of integrity, lashed at the two (2) days of the Vice President possessing the popular gem in his residence as a completely questionable move that should raise questions about the present claim by the government that the once confirmed 700 carat diamond is just a pretty stone.

The truth must always prevail and these allegations must not be taken lightly as citizens of this blessed motherland demand an immediate enquiry into this *DIAMOND GATE*.

If we must trust your (government) claims and promises of delivering a transparent system void of scams and corruption then we expect justice to prevail so that the hopes of every young Sierra Leonean can be renewed.


Abdul Jesus Like Kabbah, Like Bio SLPP Turns Another Diamond To Stone

Like the SLPP led government of late President Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabba during his reign as president of Sierra Leone, the Bio’s led Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Government has yet again turned another massive diamond to stone according to a press release from the Office of the Vice President, Dr. Juldeh Jalloh dated 21st May, 2018.

It could be recalled in early May, this year when one Sierra Leonean, Ezekiel Kabba Sumana found a 709 Carat worth Stone, widely believed to be a diamond from Sandor Chiefdom in Kono District. The stone, according to the owner, Ezekiel, was tested severally and all the tests results proved that it was indeed a diamond worth 709 Carat.

Unfortunately, the said diamond was brought to the attention of the new SLPP Government, who as per the mining laws is responsible for the sale of such diamonds, has now declared the said diamond as not a diamond but a stone.

This declaration was made yesterday, the 21st of May, 2018 during a press conference held at the office of the country’s Vice President in the presence of the owner, members of the National Minerals Agency and members of the media.

In an interview with Ezekiel Kabba Sumana, the owner of the diamond that turned stone, he told this press in tears that the said stone was severally tested before it was brought here in Freetown and the results of all the tests were positive. He said that he was tongue-tied at the turn of event and therefore prays for God’s intervention so that the truth shall prevail.

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By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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