Sam Sumana’s supporters’ antics will not unsettle the APC : Never underrate the Red Briade

Some immature political analysts have started reading meanings into the antics of the supporters of former Vice-President Sam Sumana.
I have lived for over half a century and one lesson I have learnt is that the APC is an indomitable fighter and must  never be underrated.
It was in the same fashion that in the good, old days of Sierra Leone football you never underrated Old Edwardians. When you never expected Edwards to win, that was when they sprang a surprise.
APC is very difficult to defeat because it is a grassroots party. When you think the party is down and out, that is when it wins, because the market women, the traders, the cobblers, the Lorry park boys, the shoeshine boys, the mechanics, the omolankay pushers, the farmers, the dog-  catchers , the shopkeepers, the diamond-diggers, the stewards and the cleaners all love the APC and trust only the agenda of the APC.
Another reason is that for political strategies, nobody can out master their APC. Do you think Sir Albert, Kande Bureh, D.L. Sumner, R.G.O. King, Gideon Dickson Thomas , Kamanda Bongay , John Nelson Williams, Sam Margai, Brigadier David Lansana, Pa. Yumkella , were not strategists and just rolled over and played dead in 1967 ? Read the old Daily Mail newspapers of 1965 and 1966 and see. What about our present generation of SLPP leaders like Maada  Bio, John Benjamin, Sama Banya, J.J. Saffa, Andrew Keili, Sumana Kapen, Alpha Wurie , Abass Bundu and others? Do you think they are fools ? Chief Kapen  said he was the best student at FBC. Almost all of these men are intellectuals in their own rights, but they could not outsmart the APC. Even the half- educated APC man is a political genius. APC is full of political strategists and they understand how to strategize to win.
The NPRC only succeeded in overthrowing the APC in 1992 because of the very weak leader in charge at the time and the over-confidence of the party. If the APC had fought back, there is no way that the NPRC boys scouts would have succeeded. The APC, remember, had enough firepower with the SSD and the regular army but the weak and useless leader then had sat down and allowed the grass to grow under his feet. He had not even provided arms for his soldiers. Who dat bin Craiss bring coup nar Pa. Shaki in doe mot ? All those who tried did not live to tell the story.
While people are making noise now, the APC siddon safful dey look. Wait for the electioneering campaign to start.
APC will only lose in 2018 if the party does not provide a candidate that is popular and supported across the broad spectrum of the rank-and-file of the party and the populace. We must make sure we have the nation in mind when we choose a flag bearer. Secondly, if the APC goes the way of the SLPP in disintegrating, then the party will lose. But if the APC decides to remain united and produce a united front, nobody can defeat them .
Sam Sumana came and people were dancing behind him, so what ? Have people seen yet the crowd that will dance behind Kandeh Yumkella when he finally unveils his new political party ? People will be surprised at the crowd, but do these crowd sizes win elections ?
Ask Solomon Berewa. He is the best witness to tell you that campaign -time crowds mean nothing. It is the crowds that vote that matter. King Solo , to this day, does not believe how he did not win the 2007 election at the first count. Even Maada Bio still does not know how he lost in 2012, not to mention Sir Albert in 1967. In 1966, the Freetown City Council crowned Sir Albert the Grand master of the city and in a very big occasion attended by cheering , flag – waving and dancing crowds , gave him the symbolic key to the city. They assured him that the city will vote overwhelmingly for him, come 1967. But few months later, Sir Albert’s party could not win a single seat in Freetown in the General Elections.
So , when predicting the results of the 2018 elections, be very careful that you do not become stunned when the results are announced.
Some misguided people say Ernest Koroma is worried by Sumana’s crowds. This could not possibly be true. De Pa in heart cold lek Basma in fridge. De Pa understands politics . He saw enough water melon politics when he fought Berewa and Bio to be worried that Sumana will win the next elections . President Koroma has seen it all so phantom crowds do not impress him or any of the APC Alagbas. Besides, he is presently focused on better things, like continuing to deliver development projects for the betterment of the country.
Though Alhaji Sumana comported himself well and even distanced himself from the so-called Coalition For Peace ( C4C ),  whose members had falsely hailed him as their leader, his supporters would make his name into disrepute if he is not careful.
The elections will be tough, no doubt, probably one of the toughest ever, but the 2018 elections remain APC’s to lose. If we do the right things, pick the right flag bearer and fight a united battle, the APC will still prevail.

Mark my words.

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