12-months State of Emergency for a virus that has not even entered the country yet ? Sierra Leoneans suspect sinister motives

12-Month State of Emergency Trap Set in Sierra Leone

– Foday Morris

The government of Sierra Leone has declared a year long state of emergency to prevent or combat COVD-19, the new Coronavirus desease that is currently ravaging the world.

No other developed or developing country has declared a State of Emergency this long; even those with reported COVID-19 cases. Sierra Leone has no (zero) cases as of this date..

“It is a Two-In-OneTrap for COVID-19, and the main opposition party, APC”, a concerned citizen told me.


I have added the post below someone else shared with me. It addresses the complete Two-In-One State of Emergency declared even before the Parliament of Sierra Leone finished discussing it. Please read on…

12 months state of emergency. Interesting country.

Let me share with you how this misdirected new direction is planning to use the 12 months SOE:

1. Speed up the recommendations of the COI

2. Get a government white paper out.

3. Clamp down on opposition leaders

4. Send them to prison.


6. Have a shift in the election year.

E lek una put all kind state of emergency na d country, if una do any wrong tin d people dem ready for resist heavily.

The momentum is gradually building up to resist any nonsense move under the name of SOE.

Am forseeing war in Sierra Leone because Maada Bio is planning to ban politicians for life through the white paper report through the STATE OF EMERGENCY, so that he can get an easy win come 2023, guilty or not guilty Maada bio will ban them from SL politics which will lead to war in SL.

He is now using the Corona outbreak as an opportunity to do dirty things to silent opposition, SL is with any reported Corona virus case he went ahead to declares 1 year state of emergency. Interesting times ahead in SL.

Princetta John Lahai Lahai Joyce Haffner me too getting confuse here I know it should go through parliament and I saw something on social media that take a tour that the Chief Justice went to parliament and take her exit I really don’t grasp that … however why a twelve months emergency?? I sense something political here
Sam Jay
Mustapha Sowe That is what happens when you select a leader that never has a job, small disadvantage e talk advantage. Idleness
Unisa Thorlu Conteh
 A bright mind wrote below 👇👇👇👇. This SLPP Party is a joke !

The logic of executive power is straightforward: during a state of emergency, governments need flexibility to address emerging threats and to exercise all power vested in the state to alleviate the situation. While clearly the consequences of states assuming so much power varies, history teaches that emergency measures are frequently abused and at times become permanent. Indeed, they can provide fertile grounds for widespread human rights violations and may even provoke a transformation from democracy to a totalitarian regime


Michael Turay Just don’t know how they think at times…Prozo really need better advisers…everything just going the other way.
‘Una advice prezo patrioticaly for develop SL. He’s a good guy and the precautionary measures are good but 12 months of state of Emergency is uncalled for Sir…at least 90 days and monitor the borders well and the other measures should be followed without any prejudice.

Cecil Pratt

I disagree with your ‘opinion’ Mr President. I also disagree that a situation exist to warrant a State of Emergency. Sierra Leone has not recorded a single case of COVID-19. The measures you and your government have taken so far is working and we applaud you strong leadership.

Perspective Scope

State of Emergency allows the government to detain for renewable 45-day periods and without court orders anyone they deemed to be threatening state security. Public demonstrations are banned .  Govt uses Public health emergency to pass state of Emergency! Sometimes, the state of emergency can be abused like longer period, to suppress internal opposition without having to respect human rights.

States of emergency can also be used as a pretext for suspending rights &freedoms guaranteed under a country’s constitution or basic law, sometimes revoking habeas corpus. Setting the Stage to release the White paper. This long State of Emergency for 1 year is just a Pretext to fight Coronavirus 🦠 .The true Underlining motives is to restrict &suppress various freedoms .Chins , Italy & USA with 204,000 cases never passed SOE for 1 yr
Mohamed Warisay This is total rubbish!! This is the first time we are going to get a 12months state of emergency for no reason.
Mohamed K. Tejan-Rahman No 12 months emergency Without a single reported case no this is very unreasonable
Hope parliament can revoke his proclamation
Conteh Alpha I don’t think so because there’s an additional and secret intention to that 12 months state of emergency, but our ears are on the ground to know the reason behind this 12 months.
Mohamed K. Tejan-Rahman Without a single reported case no this is very unreasonable
Hope parliament can revoke his proclamation
Mansaray Musa Moses meaning, this government will start to arrest people unlawfully & its a trick to extend his term in office
Sulaiman Dumbuya He has none e wan for get extra power for do eni tin wae e want for do…………..suppress political opponents etc etc.
Jeremiah Sembeh Sesay This guy is a big joke for Sierra Leone. Finding all means possible to cling on to power.
Lugbunya Ellie is feeling confused.
Zero COVID-19 case. Land borders still open. Ferries filled to capacity. Folks partying it up at restaurants and bars. 12 months public emergency. Not a lockdown. Military personnel at land borders crossing. Business as usual.

This is not making sense! Very soon, we will know the other reasons for this declaration.

May God help Mama Salone. Please stay safe. We are living in uncertain times.

Mamu Al Conteh is with Mamu Salone TearGas.
A country that has not a single case of Coronavirus infection, is declaring a 12 months state of emergency? Now I understand why the British left. Maada Bio is planning ethnic cleansing
Conteh Joshua Sylvanus Sir Mamu, I thought the same thing too. Sierra Leone is yet to officially register a single case of coronavirus and is geographically distant from the epicenters of the pandemic – Europe and Asia, and yet a public state of emergency for a period of TWELVE MONTHS is being declared under the guise of preventing an outbreak? Really, who are president Bio’s advisers on this matter? This is unbelievable! What !!! Even in those countries most affected, experts speculate that the virus would be under control in a matter of months, latest by September, if not even July, yet Sierra Leoneans are being subjected to a 12-month state of emergency during which long-cherished human rights are potentially threatened. Aaa bo, den rilly advise di pa poorly on this one bo, seriously.
Aruna Cole Sierra Leone if we don’t try to put a to this kind of nonsensical thing, we’ll wake up one day and hear Bio saying no more election’s. Trust
Cee Leigh 12 months so they can suspend the constitution and do what they want another junta rule plus staying in power for six years
Bakarr King Conteh Simon K Koroma I understand the reason for prevention but you can’t just suggest one year. Europe , America and Asia where they have more victims have not yet suggest one year. Why salone
Adams Bangura Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, I’m not questioning his constitutional right to make such declaration. ‘Incremental’ like you said would have been much desirable to everyone of us. We all wanted it and rightly so but to go that far, that’s excessive… I think the closest you could get from from 7 to 21 days is 90 days or max 6 months
Mamu Salone TearGas is with Mamu Al Conteh.
Maada Bio is a clear danger to our nation. He must be removed by any means necessary, before he lead us towards the path of ethnic cleansing

Foday Morris Martyn Coomber silence is golden.

What do you have to say about a 12 month State of Emergency, where there is no Corona Virus? That is double-edged sword SOE.

Do you understand that such a blanket SOE, if approved by Parliament suspends our Constituition for 12 months?.

I am sure you know what suspending a constitution means.

Ousman Barry
Am always in for SOE,as they say,prevention is better than cure.
But What am against is the period of 12 months.It’s just weird.
Junior Kabba

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