President Koroma brought change to Sierra Leone so people should only talk now about continuing change

When people talk of bringing real change in Sierra Leone, they talk as if we had no changes hithertofore at all. This should make others doubt their messages because if you cannot acknowledge what is there already, how can you possibly be serious about what you are saying?

Akuffo acknowledged that Mahama did a good job in Ghana and that he is continuing and trying to surpass him. Buhari said a similar thing about Jonathan. Until we learn to acknowledge the good in others, how do we expect people to see and acknowledge the good in us ? What people see is INSINCERITY.

NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is a question of continuity. One man cannot do it all. You play your own part well and somebody else comes and plays their own part well , likewise; that is how you develop a country.


People like to post the developments in Ghana and Guinea.First of all, these countries never went to war. Development was uninterrupted. But more importantly, we must realize it was not done by one President. It was continuity at work. Sierra Leone is a different case. President Siaka Stevens , despite all his faults, did bring some development projects but after he left, our country was stagnant under President Momoh and the NPRC. Name any development made by NPRC, apart from cleaning the city and painting it and maybe restoring television services. Lansana Conteh was a military man, but he developed Guinea. Jammeh was a military man, but he too developed the Gambia. NPRC officials are the last folks I want to hear talk about change. They helped to ruin our country.

Then we had 12 years of war that destroyed everything Shaki had managed to build.

Pa. Kabbah, despite his faults, came in and got the country going again. He did not do as much as President Koroma has done, but he did his own. President Koroma came and surpassed him. Now, what we should pray for is for somebody else to come in and continue where President Koroma stopped and surpass him as well. If this happens, then in years to come, we will start posting photos too of development in our country.

Deceptive campaigning will not take our country anywhere. When some of the people talking about bringing real change got their opportunity, they engaged in wholesale corruption and almost sold our country. Why do we forget so easily ? Is it not the reason that we get fooled by politicians? Somebody had a chance; all he engaged in was tiff tiff. How sure are we that if we give power to him again, he will not continue his criminal enterprise ?

Look here, my dear Sierra Leoneans, change starts with us, the people. The first change we need to undergo is to have our eyes opened. We have to stop voting for people out of sentiments and vote based on what they can do for us. President Koroma can be criticized by his opponents but he has a lot to show. He did a lot that people can see. You come in now and try to surpass him. That is the way to develop a country.

We also have to identify the thieves and the ayampies from the onset and stop them from gaining power . How can you trust a rat with the key to your groundnut storeroom ? How can you trust a monkey with the key to your banana storeroom ?

Let us be real, my people and do the right thing from the onset. Let us pray and try to vote in somebody who will continue from where President Koroma has ended .That is the way to develop a country: CONTINUITY. NOT bringing back thieves and con men.

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