Sierra Leone’s fragile democracy is under siege from this SLPP Paopa Junta Government

By Alimamy Issa Kamara



The Sierra Leonean people should know that something is terribly wrong, with this Paopa junta government.
Well when is anyone going to step up and do something? All this time and still nothing but talk. When will the people who have the power to stop this nonsense step up? Meanwhile the damage has been done, and it’s still ongoing… Will we be able to recover and if so when? Someone needs to stop this madness. How long will we continue watching this with our eyes wide open shut and watch this madness keep festering day by day? When will it stop???.
Thanks to you all for also knowing our freedom is under attack please stand strong against this latest effort to undermine our democratic institutions under this Paopa junta government.

It is so darned depressing to hear SLPPiers and Bio supporters not even acknowledge the awfulness of all of this: “Yah, about the economy.” Yah, about the tribalistic ministerial appointments.” “Yah about the illegal imposition of the ACC boss” “Yah, about Bio’s despotic tendencies.” “Yah, about the diamondgate.” Yah, about the killing of opposition supporters.” Yah, but the recent violent acts by SLPP junta supporters against the elected mayor of Freetown.” No amount of moral math can balanced the equation. I am truly scared for my country’s direction under this junta misdirection administration: it appears to be far too much pandering to the basest instincts of the “base” (hmmm…), in a bread and circuses attempt to conceal wrong-doing on a massive scale.

As a Comrade of the indomitable APC party, I am quite sure that my government was NOT perfect, but it was absolutely quite clearly that the APC government was generally committed in supporting all Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of where that individual hailed from, because the APC as a party, always believe in their inclusive political governance system, by providing opportunities for Sierra Leoneans to work towards their own best selves. I cannot see that happening in this new SLPP Paopa junta government right now.

I find it so sad that this is where we are today as a nation. The SLPP new direction is apparently too self centered, with egocentric tribalism driven mentality, regionalism, cronyism, greed and shallow mindedness to have learned anything from the past, that led to the 12 years senseless civil unrest in our country… but the worst part is that they’ve so many self-absorbed tribalistic blind followers who accept their craziness and immorality… people really need to learn from history.. Very hard to get rid of a virus once it takes hold. It’s best to protect yourself from getting it in the first place. See any similarities? The genie is out of the bottle I never knew if the genie was ever put back in the bottle. This will be the sentiment of this country for ever more. Unfortunately!!! Mama Sierra Leone is on the wrong hands/side of history again!!! God save our country from the hands of these Paopa-maniacs.

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