SLPP. Kailahun is not your fiefdom

By a correspondent :

The beautiful land of Kailahun, home of some of the friendliest and most welcoming Sierra Leoneans has paradoxically always produced some of the vilest and most viperous politicians ever to crawl on our nation’s good earth.

The war criminal Foday Sankoh made Kailahun the headquarters of his sick rebellion and turned it into the poster child of savagery and fiendish barbarism. Even Guinea’s chain-smoking diabetic president felt the need to pinch a piece of Kailahun at Yenga just for the hell of it, eliciting only feeble complaints from the KabbahBerewa kakistocracy.

And now this incompetent SLPP cabal that has done nothing to alleviate the misery of Kailahun has the temerity to declare it their personal property, not a part of a democratic Salone, but their own personal latrine to defecate on and ill-treat.
To enforce their diabolical plans they have unleashed the vile mobsters Foyoh, Benjamin, Karimu and Nyumah to harass political opponents. These reprehensible SLPP desperados attempted to assassinate Charles Margai in the past and have now attacked Ernest Koroma’s convoy at Segbwema. These knaves seem determined to keep Kailahun in the Dark Ages and are ready to do anything, even plunge the country into civil war, to achieve their dastardly goals.

Berewa’s mafia will however fail miserably. The proud people of Kailahun are fed up with the political serfdom designed for them by the SLPP with the complicity of their own native sons. Newsflash SLPP: After ignoring Kailahun district for 10 years, you will not be allowed to come over, pull down your pants and relieve yourself messily over the good people of this noble land. Enough is enough. Shame on you. Stop practising One Party politics in Kenema and Kailahun.

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