The Greatest Wedding of Doris Harding and Charles Bright


By Sanpha Sesay (The Texas Chief)

Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A: September 26, 2014. The joy spread to the reception Ballroom at Marriot Hotel in Fort Worth after a sacrament of marriage was performed by Pastor Emmanuel Botchway at Hope International Church early afternoon of September 20th.So at their September 20th, Doris Harding and Charles Bright breathed a huge sigh of relief when they saw hundreds of friends and relatives made it to their never-to-be forgotten wedding in the state of Texas.

It was amazingly to the couple for seeing the event organizers spent extra time by continuing the ode to the great expectations of Mr. and Mrs. Bright matrimony. Pastor Dr. Emmanuel Butchway meticulously performed the marriage ceremony at Hope International Church followed by a reception in a sumptuous Marriot hotel ballroom.

The couple believes that their wedding was not to impress anyone, but it was about redirecting their gaze toward Christ’s work through the word of God about marriage. However, the story was not a fairy tale, but it was an extraordinary event in their lives. It was a good-naturedly directed event.

The occasion has many activities set in the program. Most fascinatingly were the classic wedding toasts. Many friends and relatives were honored to make a toast. The wedding toast was one of the most formal of all wedding-related toasts in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Almost everyone who made a toast reflected the school days and childhood days of both the bride and the groom.

There were some galleries of good wishes, perfect for celebrating the bride and the groom on their big day. The toasts time occurs after all the guests have been provided with champagne, some of us with fruit-punch, a nonalcoholic as an alternative.  At a sit-down dinner, the toast was made as soon as everyone is seated after the couple arrives and allows guests to orderly walk to the food and drinks at the food court and bar.

Just as everyone involved in the toast, the groom, Mr. Charles Bright, also offered a toast given the true picture of his newly wedded wife. He gave out their relationship history and what he has done in terms of traditional settings before this big day. After welcoming the guests, the groom thanks those who have help organized and planned the event. He thanked the bridesmaids, the Best Man and the groomsmen for their significant role they played. He turned to the entire guests and said that he has gained a wife and a companion for life.

The party started with the bride and the groom opened the floor.  When the bride stepped onto the dance floor for their first dance, the song they choose to dance was a love song tune. It was a song that they choose deeply meaningful as a first dance song that reflects their relationship, their joy, their new life together. The bridesmaids, best man and many other guests surrounded the couple in a circle dancing together with them, demonstrating a trend of perennial favorite. The DJ shut down the music to allow the bride give a vote of thanks.

Mrs. Bright then matched to the stage dancing elegantly and luxurious dressed up to deliver a fantastic and exceptional vote of thanks. She said, she was privileged to be sharing their day with all of their friends and families who have been important to them during their lives. She first started dish out her thank you to God for everything in her life. She thanked her husband, Mr. Bright for making her life complete. She turns to her right and thanked her pastor, Dr. Botchway for his contribution to bless their fraternity of union. It was the first time among the Sierra Leone community in Texas a bride made such a hearty vote of thanks that was broad and clear. She was able to call dozens of individual names of those who contributed in one way or the other to her relationship with Mr. Bright. Mrs. Bright step back to her gallery with her luxurious suit.

The Texas Paddle then entered the stage after an interval announced by the chairman of the occasion, Mr. David Kessbeh. It is clear in our culture that devil dance is synthesis of West African culture. Therefore, Mr. and Mrs. Bright’s wedding could be counted as one of the dynamics and cultural complexities of contemporary Sierra Leone type of weddings.

The high table where the bride and the groom sat were chock full of super catchy and cleverly designed. A fashion that were incorporated in the most unlikely places like Holy wood type of pink color which made each detail so visually attractive and interesting. The bride determined not to overlook even the most insignificant detail but make sure that everything be just perfect as it was. The party continued till 3: 00 AM.

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