When the righteous is in power, God blesses the nation

President Ernest Koroma hails from a devout christian family where the father was a lay preacher and the mother insisted on christian values including saying the grace before family meals. Imbued with these christian values, President Koroma walks in the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Jesus is his righteousness and so for once we have a nation where the President is a very God-fearing, humble, harmless ( Though by no means a push-over ) , sincere, devoted and committed man, in love with people-centred socio-economic and political developments.

Because a man walking in the righteousness of Christ is in power, God is blessing Sierra Leone abundantly.

Jeremiah 23:5,6 Behold, the days come, said the LORD, that I will raise to David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper…

PROVERBS 29 : 2 : When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:

God, in his abundant mercey, has raised a righteous branch in Zion and thus the blessings have started pouring in for the nation.



1. President Koroma has rebranded the nation magnificently with his development-oriented rule, and we have won the Millennium Corporation award which will see us benefiting from millions of dollars for national development. Merely winning the award and placing 4th, above all our West African neighbours, is something to be very proud of.

2. Sierra Leone is about to benefit from millions of millions of dollars in investment from the international world after recently passing the critical test of staging one of the best elections ever in Africa and proving to the world that we have gone truly democratic and ready to take our worthy place as the beacon of light of Africa . Misconceptions and negativity about our country are going to become significantly subdued, and investors will believe whatever resources they commit in our nation will be safe.

3. Sierra Leone is about to become an oil-producing nation.

What we went through in the 1990s was trial and testings. Before God blesses a nation, either he or the devil bring these trials and testings. It happens even in the lives of mortal men created by God. Before you get your blessings, you may have to undergo trials and testings. However, once you conquer these trials, the windows of Heaven open for you and God pours out a blessing for you.

We have gone through our trials and testings . It is now Blessing Time in Sierra Leone. Therefore let us give President Koroma time to carefully form his cabinet. There is no time to rush. He is a very careful and meticulous man -you could even say he is a perfectionist. He always wants to do the perfect thing. Let us all throw our weight behind him with moral support and prayers.

Sierra Leone is on the road to better times. Thanks be to the Lord.

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