Enough is Enough, Maada Bio

By Patrick Sandi :

The difficulties that majority of Sierra Leoneans, particularly the Sierra Leone People’s party (SLPP) members are facing in terms of violence and other abuses is too much and therefore calling on PPRC and the state to take action and ask the 2012 flagbearer Julius Maada Bio to stay out of politics in order get sanity peace in the country.



Speaking to this medium final year Njala University Student David Brewa said enough is enough for Maada Bio and the party leadership need to take a strong action against him and expelled him completely from the party due to the fact that the Sierra Leone people’s party is built upon the foundation of peace and sanity.

He said the recent murder of a young promising Daddy George in kenema by a staunch supporter of Julius Maada Bio is a clear manifestation of his persistent planned and premeditated violence for the past years now with the party and that the PPRC and the party leadership has to put a stop now and take a very tough action against him.

“Sierra Leoneans have been saying that there is disunity in the SLPP but as far as I can see there is no disunity. There is only one man, Maada Bio and his supporters Paopas that have held the SLPP hostage through violence, intimidation, threats and lack of respect for the SLPP leadership”.

All the mayhem and fighting is coming from just this camp. There has been a clear pattern of violence, intimidation, general mayhem and threats coming from the PAOPAs. The attacks on party officials, aspiring flag bearers and SLPP members with opposing views are numerous, the disrespect for authority and proclamations of the PPRC and NEC has been going on for far too long and It is very clear that Maada Bio wants to orchestrate a coup within the SLPP, that’s his modus operandi. That’s his claim to fame, his mantra, what he is known for.

Sierra Leone does not need this type of “Idi Amin” leadership. Africa is moving away from this type of violent dictatorial tendencies, Sierra Leone cannot let Julius Maada Bio take us down that path again.

This is the reason why the people of Sierra Leone rejected Maada Bio in 2012 resulting in the worst defeat the SLPP has ever suffered.

Maada Bio has the blood of innocent Sierra Leoneans in his hands and has a history of using violence to usurp political power. Maada Bio must be expelled from the SLPP and banned from participating in politics in Sierra Leone enough is enough.


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