By Joseph S. Sherman, Cocorioko Features Editor, Washington, DC


Indeed, whatever transpired for the release of jailed journalist, Mr. Paul Kamara, proprietor of the FOR DI PEOPLE NEWS PAPER, and human rights activist leaves a lot of questions to be answered by the status quo. There is a saying in the African parlance that “who dat get ase let ye yere, “- which typically means that, he/she who has ears let him/her hears.   The release of Mr. Kamara is long overdue and I believe, even the court that inadvertently delayed his release, actually delayed justice, in that a citizen of Sierra Leone incarcerated for a protracted period of time coupled with national and international protests for the due process of law is somehow questionable in the eyes of scholars of jurisprudence.


However, who dares to question the status quo in a developing democracy like Sierra Leone, where the hierarchy has the final saying of overshadowing the entire mainstream of government?   Nevertheless, the fourth estate and human rights activist extols the brave move of the judicial arm of the Sierra Leone government to review the case of Mr. Paul Kamara and release him without any pre-condition.


I believe the release of Mr. Paul Kamara is a light paving the way for transparent democracy in Sierra Leone where the will of the people will prevail in all specter of life in the country and for the fourth estate to continue its role of informing, educating and entertaining the people of Sierra Leone and the world at large.


If the watch dogs of society (the media) prevails even at a time when politicians feel that their survival is at stake but allows reasons to prevail in the interest of the masses, I believe Sierra Leone is at it peak of reincarnating  from poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and disease.


I join the fourth estate and human rights organizations worldwide in extolling and congratulating the Judicial arm of the Sierra Leone government for allowing reasons to prevail and releasing Mr. Paul Kamara from jail after a protracted period of time.  For Mr. Kamara, I say Aluta Continua!! The struggle Continues!!



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