Allieu Iscandari explains why he criticizes the Kamajors

Subject: Re: John Leigh on Norman and co
From: M. Alieu Iscandari Esq
To: All
Date Posted: 21:07:46 07/26/06 ()
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“regardless of Atty. Al Iscandari’s harsh attacks on them”

Like you John I speak my truth loud and clear. I am not biased against the CDF and Hinga Norman, I have stated here and in other forums and will so state again, that the CDF had the best reason to fight for Sierra Leone. They perverted their cause celebre by reverting to tribalism, sectionalism, and party politics. Norman turned the kamajors into a south eastern SLPP supporting militia and it lost its lustre therafter as a Nationalistic group.

They should have been hailed as heroes but they lost that to sheer brutality. Have you spoken to anyone from Koribondo John? Well I have. And the stroies they told me of Kamajor brutality against INNOCENT NON COMBATTANT citizens was horrendous. Should they be absolved of war crimes that they committed in the process? If so then ALL the parties should be absolved of the war crimes that they committed and I can almost assure you that if that were to happen, the carnage that was the sierra leone war would more likely reoccur.

I have the same disdain for the kamajors, that I have for the indicted members of the AFRC and the RUF. If that would be of any use to you, I am an equal opportunity critic. I think that my disdain for the kamajors became more palpable when I realised that there were some on this site and other sierra leonean cyber fora who were advocating for the non indictment of the kamajor leadership purely on tribalistic basis and that got my blood HOT and it still is as I speak. Justice MUST be seen to be fair.

Go to freetown and ask those people who were victims of kamajor atrocities whether they should be released. A very good friend from Tikonko told me how Kamajors raped his mother and slit open his brothers chest cavity and took his heart out. Another told me of how one of his uncles was brutally murdered by kamajors in Tikonko because they were looking for the Uncles brother who was deemed to be an APC sympathizer. They killed him and killed a LITTLE boy who in fear pointed the Victim out as his father.

Crimes like that SHOULD not go unpunished. At least one consolation I have is that on the Hinga Norman issue you are on the same plane as your nemesis Charles Francis Margai. See you guys do have some similarities.

I hope as your investigations continue and you form new opinions based on new evidence, you would come to the realization that Hinga Norman sealed his own fate when he refused to take up the position as High Commissioner to Nigeria and threatened the stability of the Government with his armed hordes. At that point he became expendable and what better way to get rid of him than to say to the International body, “YOU GO GET HIM GUYS” for crimes againsrt humanity. Do you think that the Kabba government was unaware of the atrocities committed by the kamajors? They were and could have played footlose with his crimes had he goten out of the way.

In the final analysis anyone who has knowledge of the Hinga affair would realise that his AMBITION to become the head of state in sierra leone was his undoing. He had smelled power twicwe, once in 1967 and then as head of the kamajosia.

I predict that he is going to be found guilty and then sent to jail for a very long time in a far away place never again to see the shores of sierra leone alive and by the grace of the most merciful God we would have been spared another tyrant.


From: John E. Leigh
To: All
Date Posted: 13:27:59 07/22/06 ()
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Dear Forumites:

I am presently traveling through several states and will be making
overnight stops here and there. Accordingly, after this present piece in
response to our short-tempered Dr. AL. N-W, I will be out of
circulation probably until next Wednesday or so.

In the meantime, I urge Dr. Al. N-W to please calm down and learn to
respond patiently and with specificity. If he wishes to debate, he must
furnish specifics, rather than sweeping generalizations not based on
facts but only on bald allegations with no proof as follows:

“Mr. Leigh,

I have read the trash that you labeled a rebuttal. I call it a trash
because it is replete with inaccuracies, falsities and faceless assertions
that can only be made by a dunce. I have therefore resolved that
prolonging a debate with a rat brain is not worth my time, hence I
declare a unilateral cease-fire. But before leaving you to wallow in your
usual unbridled shallowness and ignorance, which I have already
proven in my earlier piece, the following should be pushed into your
thick skull to avoid further misconceptions on your part:

_1. I am Creole but contrary to your misconception, I am not one of
those Creoles who never traveled beyond Waterloo. I attended the Bo
School ( Forms 1-5) and CKC (Form 6).” ETC.

Please point out specific items of “the trash” you asserted above that I
rebutted your piece with. It would also be proper for you to furnish
Forumites with specifics of the alleged “inaccuracies, falsities and
faceless assertions” that you claimed my rebuttal contained.

Did you say “faceless”? Who is hiding his face by concealing his
identity? I write ONLY under my true name in this forum. You choose
to hide under the Dr. AL. N-W moniker! Why? Are you ashamed of your
ignorant and shallow analysis? Do you suffer from an inferiority
complex? Your self-esteem must be very low, doctor!

Please note that I never described you as one of those Creoles who
never traveled beyond Waterloo” as you wrongfully accused me of.

Instead, I wrote in my rebuttal (please see the exchange below) that
“you SOUNDED like a Krio man (or one of those Creoles) who has never
traveled beyond Waterloo.”

Clearly, what I wrote and what you based your angery reply on are two
different statements! So your schooling in Bo is totally irrelevant in
your response to my rebuttal.“ Please be careful, doctor. If you want to
write about another’s purported “rage”, you ought not expose your
own short-temperedness.

forth in my rebuttal as follows:

6. Dr. AL. N-W “ATTACK: “Interestingly, Leigh makes the above
remarks without any consideration of the possibility that Albert
Moinina could either have been born or raised in Freetown or that it is
a Creole forumite using the moniker Albert Moinina, a name with
origins in the Southern and Eastern provinces of Sierra Leone.”

THE LEIGH “REBUTTAL: You sound like a Krio man who has never
traveled beyond Waterloo because you do not seem to know your
country at all. You write with extreme pomposity but you are truly
ignorant. I cared nothing about Mr. Moinina’s tribe. What was on my
mind was his uncivil, unhygeinic writing. You are needlessly fixated on
Creoles vs. Kontriman. I am not._Sierra Leone is slowly and steadily
becoming an integrated society.”

Finally, you can’t now run away from this debate which you grandiosely
interjected yourself in, under your low self-esteem moniker, without
one more counter-punch from me. You began this thing against me. I
will end it against you and under my own true name.

Upon my return to the Forum next week, you are going to get bloodied
one more time- you narrow-minded Krio pompous idiot with your
stupid Creole vs. Kontriman fixation. You will learn that not everybody
possesses you dumb fixation, primitive prejudices and rubbish talk, Dr.

Thank you very much. – JL



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