APC’s withdrawal from Tripartite Committee a blow to our democracy

*APC Political Party Suspends Participation in Tripartite Committee: A Blow to Fragile Democracy*

*By: Aaron Papay*


In a troubling turn of events, the APC political party has decided to suspend its participation in the Tripartite Committee, citing the failure of the ECSL and the SLPP government to honour the agreement on the Terms of Reference (TOR) signed. This decision raises serious questions about the state of democracy in our country and the faith of our citizens in a system that appears increasingly fragile.

The Tripartite Committee, established as a mechanism for dialogue and cooperation between political parties, civil society, and the government should play a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and good governance. However, the recent breakdown in communication and trust between the APC party, the ECSL, and the SLPP government threatens to erode the foundations of this important institution.

The APC party’s decision to suspend its participation is a clear signal of the growing dissatisfaction and frustration among opposition parties with the current state of affairs. By withdrawing from the Tripartite Committee, the party is sending a strong message that it will not stand idly by while its concerns are ignored and its rights are trampled upon.

This development raises important concerns about the future of democracy in our country. Democracy is not simply about holding elections and respecting the rule of law, it is also about fostering a culture of dialogue, compromise, and respect for diversity. When political parties feel marginalized and disenfranchised, the very fabric of democracy is put at risk.

The faith of our citizens in the political system is paramount. When key stakeholders such as the APC party feel that their voices are not being heard and their rights are being stifled, it is natural for citizens to question the legitimacy and effectiveness of the entire democratic process. In a country where democracy is already fragile, such developments can have far-reaching consequences.

All parties involved in this dispute must come together in good faith to address the underlying issues and find a path forward that respects the rights and interests of all stakeholders. Dialogue, transparency, and a commitment to upholding the principles of democracy are essential if we are to rebuild trust and ensure the sustainability of our democratic institutions.

In conclusion, the suspension of the APC party’s participation in the Tripartite Committee is a stark reminder of the challenges facing our democracy. It is a call to action for all stakeholders to recommit themselves to the principles of inclusivity, dialogue, and respect for the rule of law. Only by working together can we ensure that the faith of our citizens in our democratic system is restored and strengthened for the future.

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