We need the truth from the horse’s own mouth about the direction of this Tripartite Committee


By Kabs Kanu

People are acting dumb. The tribalized and compromised Sierra Leone judiciary would have dismissed the APC legal action to overturn the rigged 2023 elections result.

Dr. Samura Kamara took the best decision not to go waste his precious time in the SLPP Supreme Court . They would have killed the case. Without Samura Kamara snubbing the corrupt and shameful Judiciary, America and other stakeholders would not have intervened to set up the Tripartite Committee . America and the International community realized that APC has a point that Maada Bio rigged the elections. That is why they have put a hold on aid, blocked the MCC, impose travel sanctions and set up the Tripartite Committee.

The only problem I see is that APC needs the backing of the MPs and mayors. The apparent greed for money and power by the APC MPs and mayors is hindering efforts to bring Maada Bio to account.

If they join the crusade against Maada Bio’s criminal enterprise to impose himself in power ( By boycotting governance), Maada Bio will be easily brought to his knees. I refuse to understand what our MPs continue to do in this depraved and contaminated Parliament.

APC too must realize that they cannot fight this battle alone. They too are tripping, to say the truth. They need the people and anybody who tells them otherwise is thinking standing on his head.

But to tell you the truth, APC must first endeavour to be honest with the people . Maada Bio has given his own side, rambled and deceitful though it is. We need Samura Kamara to come out and give the APC’s own side of the story. The people of Sierra Leone need to hear from Samura Kamara and the APC, otherwise people will think that everything Maada Bio is saying is right.

What makes it so hard for APC to come out publicly to debunk the SLPP point by point ? This is not the APC I used to know and I am ready to die fighting for.

The SLPP’s narrative is that the APC are fooling their supporters and not telling them the truth. They are standing steadfastly to their contention.
If APC leaders do not come out speedily to debunk Maada Bio and the SLPP, that narrative will be believed.

The people of Sierra Leone are very angry and they want to know the truth. They want to act on behalf of the APC because they know that the APC has been wronged. They know that Maada Bio did not win the elections and they want to fight the SLPP for the APC to restore democracy in Sierra Leone, but the APC is not helping the cause. There seems to be a tendency to go it all alone. Against a devil like Maada Bio ? Ah see dem far.

Bloggers, social media commentators and pro- APC journalists are not our spokesman and women .We have to accept that fact. We appreciate their efforts but they cannot fulfill Dr. Samura Kamara ‘s and the executive’s responsibilities for them. Their duty is to promote the party and propagate its agenda and activities. It is not to serve as spokesperson. The leaders cannot abdicate their duty to them. If the leaders do not speak out and announce stuff themselves, soon the voices of the bloggers , commentators and journalists will sound hollow, especially if the things they keep saying continue to sound outlandish, in the absence of robust authentication from the APC leadership.

We need to hear from Samura Kamara and the APC Executive in response to Maada Bio and the SLPP. In the dire dilemma our country is in presently, silence is not golden at all !!!

We are tired of press releases. You do not take press releases to a gunfight. This situation calls for manful actions, not press releases.

Now, Maada Bio, the criminal, always acting with impunity , and getting away with it, is at it again. He has said that the Tripartite Committee will be presenting its report to him on Wednesday . He wants to do the same gimmick he performed with the bogus census and voters registration .He wants to go ahead without the APC. He wants to cast the APC out as the problem and the non- cooperative hindrance.

The APC needs to come out before Wednesday to thwart Maada Bio by First debunking him, telling the people the truth and withdrawing all their MPs and mayors from governance. Let us see how Maada Bio will survive without us in governance.

If APC sits down supinely and let Maada Bio get away with another criminality, I quake to imagine the reprisals from the people who want Maada Bio to be kicked out of State House where he does not belong.

The APC has a very good case. Maada Bio did not win the election but they must stop being cowards, when they have the full backing of the international community and the people.

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