S. I. Kamara   

 Tuesday  February 28, 2006                      

 I have always been saying that Kabba and Berewa are so desperate that they blunder at every move against Charles Margai.

 It is a well known fact that the judiciary in Sierra Leone is in the pockets of these two giants of Sierra Leonean politics today. How can a magistrate be so eager to lock up Charles Margai to satisfy Kabba and Berewa that he forgets the basic tenets of the law?

Doesn’t magistrate Shyllon know that before you issue a bench warrant for any body that person must first be instructed by the court to show up at a date and time stipulated? This is a big disgrace to those who taught him at Law School.

 Justice should be independent of Executive power or influence because injustice can lead a nation to chaos. Justice Bankole Raschid was used to declare that Charles Margai was not a member of the S.P.P.P. The Supreme Court, which is the last resort for justice in Sierra Leone, was also used to block Hinga Norman’s attempt to stop the S.L.P.P. convention in Makeni, the court was again used by these very people to ?to tornorbor’ the case in favour of Fatmata Hassan.

 I just wonder if these people in the judiciary have not yet realized that they are demeaning and bringing into serious disrepute this noble profession of law. Didn’t Shyllon have enough time to check his files before unleashing the rumour that Charles Margai was to be arrested? This is a disgrace not only to himself but also to the judiciary with a luminary like Adel Renner Thomas


Kabbah and Berewa are so scared of Charles Margai becoming president that they do not sleep well at night. The thought of or visualizing or imagining, or even seeing Charles Margai as president make them jump in bed at night saying ?Lord have mercy, e nor go be, e nor for be, we die don’. But who told to badly govern us, who told them to encourage and condone corruption to such a degree that it is now a social cancer, who told them to lie to the people, who told them to neglect the youth – our children, who told them to leave the cities filthy? Was that all APC?


This is a sign to all Sierra Leoneans that just as it was during the APC of yester years so it is and will be with the S.L.P.P. especially if God should punish Sierra Leone by giving us Berewa as president. He is as intolerant as his mentor and boss Kabba. He is highhanded and merciless with those within the S.L.P.P. who attempt to look the opposite direction – Kelfala of Road Transport Authority will tell you.


Sierra Leoneans should be aware that what is happening or has happened in Uganda is what Kabba and Berewa want to replicate in Sierra Leone but goat head and sheep head look very much alike but they are still different. But these people do not care a dam what ever happens to Sierra Leone. For them especially Berewa, everybody can go to hell and burn but he must become president. These people do not even think about the immediate past of Sierra Leone. They do not fear God and as such they have no respect or no regard for the people of Sierra Leone. Berewa has totally forgotten how he was dressed as a reverend father to escape the AFRC boys. Now he is ready to unleash that same terror the AFRC unleashed on us.


Sierra Leoneans should never allow a person like Berewa to be president in Sierra Leone. Let Sierra Leoneans don’t think that Berewa is ?khanya’ only to realize when they come closer that the scent/odour is not the same. The only way to stop Berewa and Kabba is to massively come out and massively vote them out of power. Every Sierra Leonean knows that what Kabba and Berewa did in Makeni they would want to repeat on the national scale, but this time it should not work because the nation of Sierra Leone is not S.L.P.P.


What a disappointment and a disgrace that individuals and a party in whom Sierra Leoneans entrusted their future, should treat them recklessly and shamelessly and then have that effrontery to stand before us to vote them back in power. Are Sierra Leoneans crazy people? Let every Sierra Leonean stand up and show these people we are not crazy.


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